woman laying on couch holding her head from uncomfortable opioid withdrawal symptoms

Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

If you feel that it is time to stop using opioids and break free from addiction, the first step is going through a detoxification. What is opioid detox, and, more specifically, what is opioid withdrawal?

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woman holding her stomach in pain from common heroin withdrawal symptoms

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

When a person stops using heroin, their body needs time to recover from the addiction. Recovery includes flushing out the heroin toxins and the healing process. Both of these processes cause mild to severe heroin withdrawal symptoms. This stage of recovery is known as detoxification.

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woman sitting on floor holding her head and struggling with alcohol withdrawal symptoms

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

If you have suffered from alcohol addiction for several weeks, months, or years, you may have developed a dependency on drinking. Therefore, if you try to quit, you will experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

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man comforting his detoxing wife wondering what to expect when a loved one is in addiction detox

What to Expect When a Loved One is In Addiction Detox

Once a loved one enters detox, you may be asking yourself, “What now?” After all, detox is the first step to recovery and oftentimes requires that the patient spend some time in isolation.

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calendar date being circled to mark how long does detox take

How Long Does Detox Take?

Detoxing from alcohol or drugs involves removing toxic substances from the body while managing the withdrawal symptoms that occur simultaneously. Detoxing typically takes three to ten days. However, a more severe addiction can extend detox by several weeks or even months. Therefore, you need to know what to expect during detox before you begin the detox process.

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detoxing from alcohol, woman running with a smile on her face

Detoxing from Alcohol: How Long Does It Take?

Alcohol is both a stimulant and a depressant. Therefore, it alters brain function, which can make detoxing from alcohol extremely difficult. When you first start drinking, you may feel relaxed or intoxicated. The more you drink, the more the effects wear off. As a result, you may increase your consumption levels to continue feeling the side effects.

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alcoholic dementia, man with face in his hands

What is Alcoholic Dementia?

Friends often come and go, but family is something we can never overlook. This makes watching a loved one experience alcoholism that much harder. Recognizing the issue is the first step in helping someone with recovery, so knowing how to spot an alcoholic family member is imperative. The following signs could indicate a problem, and by identifying them, you can take steps towards helping fix it.

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klonopin side effects, girl sitting on bed with head in her hands

Klonopin Side Effects

Klonopin is a benzodiazepine that doctors prescribe for a chemical imbalance in the brain. It can relieve some symptoms of seizures or epilepsy. It is a common drug that people take for seizure disorders or panic disorders. While Klonopin is beneficial to help these conditions, there are also severe Klonopin side effects to keep in mind.

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definition of sobriety, women refusing a drink

Definition of Sobriety

For many people, sobriety is a process of transitioning from addiction to recovery. That process may include stages such as detox, rehab, and extended care. Still, within those three stages lie several smaller steps that create a lifelong journey. Regardless of how you view sobriety, the key is to set that as the defining benchmark in breaking the cycle of addiction.

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percocet high, girl playing with pills

Percocet High

People often use Percocet in ways that it was not intended. For instance, they may grind up the pill into a fine powder that they can snort or inject. Snorting the drug can speed up the Percocet high, as it enters the central nervous system quickly. A Percocet high can be as powerful as the euphoric effects of heroin. 

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