Myths About Cocaine Addiction

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Cocaine is the second most trafficked drug in the United States. This makes cocaine use highly prevalent. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, approximately 1.5 million young adults use cocaine. A further 1.4% of the population aged 18 years and older have used cocaine. This is partly due to the many myths about cocaine addiction.

If you or a loved one has fallen into cocaine abuse habits, reach out to the South Florida drug detox center for help.

Myths About Cocaine Use

There are various myths regarding cocaine use. Some of these myths include:

  • Injecting cocaine is more dangerous than snorting it: Regardless of how one consumes cocaine, it can have very adverse effects on the body.
  • You can’t get addicted to cocaine: Many people abuse cocaine for recreational purposes. They mistakenly believe that they can’t get addicted.
  • Cocaine use improves performance: It is often argued that cocaine use helps boost performance. However, this is untrue as cocaine is a stimulant so it is easy for people to mistakenly believe they are performing better.
  • Cocaine use affects the brain alone: This is a myth as cocaine may have severe adverse effects on the heart, lungs, and nasal passages.
  • Cocaine use is not dangerous when used right: Many people believe that abusing cocaine in small amounts may not be dangerous. But this is wrong and even a small quantity of cocaine may lead to an overdose, heart attack, and stroke.

These myths about cocaine use have led the public astray. They have made cocaine seem like a somewhat glamorous drug.

Myths About Cocaine Addiction

The main myth about cocaine addiction is that one can use the drug occasionally without the risk of getting addicted. But this is untrue as cocaine is one of the most highly addictive drugs. Some even believe that you don’t need to go to rehab to recover from cocaine addiction. However, cocaine addiction is very hard to break and needs a professional medical detox program and rehab.

Another myth regarding cocaine addiction is that it is easy to recognize those who are addicted to it. But this is not very likely until it’s too late. Some also believe that cocaine addiction is not that dangerous when compared to other drugs such as alcohol. Cocaine is often laced with other substances such as Fentanyl, which is extremely dangerous. Cocaine addiction is also wrongly assumed to have few withdrawal effects.

Importance of Cocaine Detox

A great cocaine detox program could help mitigate the withdrawal symptoms. The detoxification process may take a while. The individual may experience severe emotional and psychological symptoms. These may include great cravings for cocaine, depression, hallucinations, loss of memory, exhaustion and poor mental capabilities. These and many more symptoms can occur during the detoxification process. That’s why you need professional help such as the Summit Detox facility.

Programs Offered by Summit Detox

Although there are many myths about cocaine addiction, the withdrawal symptoms can be very severe. Enrolling in one of the programs offered by Summit Detox will help you or your loved one get better.

Some of the programs include:

  • Alcohol detox program: This program is specifically designed to address the needs of alcoholics. But it is very useful as many cocaine addicts are often people who abuse alcohol regularly.
  • Opiate detox program: This program is suitable for use for individuals who are cocaine addicts. This is because it addresses a group of very powerful substances that are often mixed with cocaine such as fentanyl.
  • Medical detox program: It helps manage withdrawal symptoms of cocaine addicts by using closely monitored medications.
  • Outpatient and inpatient detox: This program offers addicts specialized care whether they decide to stay at the facility or if they choose to stay at home.

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