Family Therapy For Substance Abuse in Boynton Beach Florida

Addiction treatment helps individuals with a substance use disorder (SUD) begin their recovery journey toward sobriety, but it doesn’t heal the wounds inflicted on their friends and family. Family therapy for substance abuse issues is a necessary aspect of any treatment program.

At Summit Detox, we believe in holistic drug addiction treatment — we treat the whole person using a treatment plan as unique as the individual. Our tailored drug rehab plans include detox and inpatient rehab in Florida, as well as an intensive outpatient program, and aftercare referrals for individual therapy, group therapy, and family mental health therapy programs. Contact us or call our compassionate treatment specialists at (888) 995-5265.

A family stands together as they pray for their sibling who is  undergoing family therapy for substance abuse

How Does Addiction Affect the Family?

Contrary to popular thought, substance use disorder and drug addiction affect more than just the addicted person. Addiction impacts everyone in that person’s life, including friends and coworkers. Most of all, addiction affects the family. Their closest family members, such as parents, spouse, children, and siblings, feel the greatest impact of drug abuse. In fact, addiction often ravages families and damages these close relationships, sometimes irreparably.

Substance addictions, whether alcohol, prescription drugs, painkillers, or other drugs, have short- and long-term effects. Addiction can divide the most loving of homes:

  • It strains family dynamics.
  • Communicating is no longer easy or carefree, which heightens frustrations.
  • Conflicts can become normal as family members try to reason with the addicted individual.
  • A teen abusing substances may take the family car without permission or steal money from another family member.
  • Younger family members might witness the side effects of substance use or the influence of alcohol, which can include unruly behavior, slurred speech, or even fits of rage. That is why dealing with alcoholic family member the right way is very important.
  • Adult relatives might notice rapid weight loss or experience extended periods without contact with their loved one, only to find that person is homeless or has sadly overdosed and passed away.

These actions can erode trust over time, and if the addicted person begins showing signs of aggression or secrecy, it can result in other family members and relatives withdrawing and becoming guarded.

All of the above are shocking experiences for the family members of an addicted individual. These experiences can elicit a trauma response, which can lead the relative to develop harmful coping methods for developed mental health issues.

The compassionate providers at Summit Detox understand all the nuances of addiction and the effects it has on families. Through substance abuse treatment and family therapy programs in Boynton Beach, FL families are empowered to regain control of themselves and their relationship with their addicted family member.

Family therapy for substance abuse helps shine a light on the very delicate line between encouragement and enablement. Contact us or call our providers at (888) 995-5265 to learn more about family therapy.

Working Together: Substance Use Treatment and Therapy for Families

family member's support is important for addiction recovery

Research shows that addicts attending treatment and actively participating in family therapy sessions typically have lower relapse potential after completing treatment. A good treatment facility will offer family therapy sessions for addiction, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other mental health issues, and a liaison who can provide emotional management tips to handle the complex rush of emotions that families tend to battle during addiction and in the days, weeks, and months following treatment.

Family members also need to be actively engaged in healing during therapy. This is especially true when the addicted person in individualized treatment is an adolescent. The treatment staff offers support while therapy providers teach families how to set healthier boundaries, develop realistic solutions, and support their loved one with a solid aftercare strategy. Through family therapy during addiction treatment, as the addict learns how to live a life of sobriety and heal, their family begins to heal, too.

Family Therapy Benefits

Family therapy for substance abuse offers several benefits for the recovering person and each family member. Some of these benefits include:

  • Learning effective communication methods
  • Setting boundaries
  • Developing support systems for the recovering addict
  • Gaining priceless insight into the heart of what causes addiction, which helps all family members improve their lives

Overall, family therapy programs help families and their recovering loved ones develop the best strategies for managing stress, anxiety, depression, and other factors that can contribute to the risk of addiction.

What Types of Family Therapy Are Available?

Families experiencing the challenges of addiction and the recovery process can find several family counseling programs in Boynton Beach, FL. Family therapists and outpatient programs may offer different types of counseling, so it’s important to choose the family therapist whose modality most closely resonates with your family.

Some of the most common family therapy for substance abuse programs are:

  • Marriage & family therapy (MFT): MFT is “talk therapy.” MFT addresses the behavior of every family member and how it impacts the family as a whole.
  • Solution-focused (brief therapy) (SFBT): SFBT therapy looks at an individual’s current situation and future plans rather than their past. This therapy can be highly successful, especially for family members who tend to retreat into themselves when past mistakes are brought to the forefront.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT): Cognitive-behavioral therapy is short-term counseling that helps an individual understand how their thoughts — and their feelings about those thoughts — shape their belief systems and behaviors.

Family system and strategic family therapies focus exclusively on the family unit and family dynamic, including each individual’s role. This type of therapy, such as life coaching group therapy, helps each family member understand and resolve issues from the standpoint of the family unit.

Strategic family counseling is an in-depth five-stage program. The steps in strategic family therapy address the following dynamics, then walk the family through each individual’s goals, the overall goals of the family unit, and the tasks required to reach fruition:

  1. Social
  2. Problems
  3. Interactions
  4. Goals
  5. Tasks

As the family progresses through these stages, they learn how to get along, solve problems, set important goals, and work toward those goals. Ultimately, strategic family counseling teaches families how to function optimally.

family therapy with troubled youth

Summit Detox: Helping You Rebuild Bridges

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse issues and are ready for South Florida detox, enter rehab, and begin the addiction recovery journey, you can turn your life around at Summit Detox addiction treatment center. Our Boynton Beach, FL, location is conducive to calm.

The peacefulness you’ll find here can help you start your recovery on the right foot. Contact us or call our compassionate treatment specialists at (888) 995-5265 to learn more about our many treatment options and relapse prevention plans.


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