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At Summit Detox, all of our detoxification programs share the same vital goal: using cutting-edge medical knowledge and holistic supportive care to ease the effects of substance withdrawal and pave the way for a sober lifestyle. However, we understand that no two detox experiences are exactly the same and that each of our patients faces unique challenges in recovering from addiction. That’s why we specialize in customized care that meets the needs of the individual.

One of the most important factors in determining the course of effective detoxification is the substance responsible for triggering damaging changes in the brain and body. Each addictive substance has its specific impact and produces its own telltale symptoms during the withdrawal process. This means that a program designed to help patients affected by one form of addiction may be of no real benefit to someone who’s addicted to another substance.

With these facts in mind, Summit has developed separate detoxification programs for people affected by three of the most common classes of addictive substances:

Each of these programs is conducted by skilled medical professionals and support staff who understand how to provide the best possible care for younger and older adults from all walks of life. Enrollment in the appropriate program will help you or your loved one establish a solid foundation for substance abstinence and lasting recovery.

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We offer a highly effective treatment program that incorporates the most advanced medical procedures with innovative natural remedies to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

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