Use Your Aetna Insurance Policy to Pay for Detox Treatment

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Aetna is a popular and reputable health insurance provider in the United States that covers multiple treatment programs for drug and alcohol abuse. Aetna network partners offer treatment options such as drug detox, therapy, medications, and medication-assisted services. Learn how Aetna can supplement drug rehab at Summit Detox.

Does Aetna Health Insurance Cover Detox Treatment?

Aetna coverage might pay the full or partial cost of long-term detox treatment that’s not available at a center offering short-term stays. While detoxing can take several days to one week, you might have a more extreme substance use disorder that requires treatment for several weeks or months.

After you complete your substance abuse treatment at a shorter-term detox center, you can find Aetna network providers that help continue the recovery process.

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Will My Aetna Insurance Help Pay For Therapy?

Aetna network insurance providers offer a wide range of therapy services, including one-on-one counseling, group counseling, behavioral health therapy, and family therapy sessions. While these mental health services might be available at a short-term treatment center, you must continue on your road to recovery after completing initial treatment. That’s where your Aetna plan proves valuable.

Aetna network providers might also offer therapy services not available at a short-term treatment center. You can use these services to supplement rehabilitation and overcome addiction issues for good. Aetna health insurance also offers emotional health therapy options for people who suffer from mental health conditions such as depression, trauma, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorders.

Does Aetna Cover the Cost Of Medications?

Aetna policies can also cover the full or partial cost of any medications required for long-term sobriety, depending on your specific healthcare plan. You can also use these medications to help with initial withdrawal and stabilization when stopping drug abuse during short-term rehabilitation.

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Aetna and Medication-Assisted Treatment

Aetna insurance policies may cover the cost of long-term medication-assisted treatment not offered by a short-term inpatient treatment center. You can continue to use medications with counseling and other therapies after you complete short-term rehab and continue your addiction treatment in the months and years to come.

Our Boynton Beach Rehab Accepts Aetna Insurance

All patients at our Boynton Beach rehab center receive individualized treatment plans for their specific addiction needs. However, you might require additional longer-term rehab programs at an alternative residential care treatment center, financial coverage for medications, or ongoing support if you relocate from this area. Aetna network partners can provide assistance from addiction specialists after finishing a short-term stay at a rehab center and cover the full or partial cost of any medications you require for long-term outpatient services.

Aetna health insurance plans can support or supplement short-term recovery care, but these plans vary from state to state. Contact the insurance company directly to learn more about Aetna insurance coverage for addiction.

Summit Detox is a short-term Boynton Beach detox treatment center. Visit Summit Detox or call (888) 995-5265 to learn more. 

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