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quoteI have been to detox before, but Summit was the most comfortable I can imagine. Everyone was so caring, it was wonderful. I really felt respected and valued as a person. Thanks so much. – Bill B.

quote Everybody treated me with respect. They were all so positive that they kept me positive. I can’t describe how much the experience helped me. – Kirk M.

quote When I first arrived there I was scared out of my mind, and didn’t know what to expect. You took care of me and helped me work through my fear. Thanks. Stacy B.

quote Summit was wonderful to me and also to my family. You made such a difference in our lives. Now I feel like I can move forward. Christine M.

quote I’d recommend Summit to anybody who needs help with their addiction. Andrew B.

quote You guys were the greatest. Everybody was so nice and professional that they made me feel more comfortable. My time there was tough, but I left feeling like a new person. I’m now in treatment and for the first time in my life feel like I’m going to be okay. I can’t thank you enough. Bradon W.

quote The staff there would talk to me about their own experiences, what they’d seen and how other people had recovered. It gave me hope. Linda L.

quote Summit was so not what I expected. Instead of a cold prison like place, it was warm and comfortable. Everyone was nice. I don’t ever want to go back, but it was nice. Matthew W.

quote Just a note to say how much good it did me to stay at Summit. The staff really care, and they made me feel as at home as was possible under the circumstances. The people there made all the difference. Terry T.

quote I want to tell you all how grateful I am for what you did for me. I’m in alcohol addiction treatment now, and I wouldn’t have made it this far without your help. I know my battle’s not won yet, but you put me on the right path. Cody B.

quote My music career had suffered because of my problems with drugs and alcohol. Going to Summit hurt me at first, but once I faced up to the situation things seemed to come together. Thanks for your help. Kevin H.

quote I just want you guys to know that you provide miracles for people like me that need them. Keep up the good work. John B.

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