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Before you decide to quit using drugs cold turkey, we would like you to consider another alternative. There’s danger lurking for people who believe they can go through detoxification programs without help. The simple truth is it seldom works and often exposes the addiction sufferer to unnecessary dangers. Your best alternative is to consider looking into inpatient detox center programs. Why? At the end of the day, your well-being is everyone’s concern. It should be your primary concern. After all, you are in the process of wanting to quit using, right?

Why an Inpatient Program?

Woman smiles at her inpatient detox centerGoing through withdrawal is a very dangerous process, especially for someone who is dealing with a severe addiction. If you don’t fully know what to expect while you deal with withdrawal, professional addiction treatment personnel do know. They have the knowledge and resources to help and protect you while you detox.

Of course, you might want to know why specifically inpatient detox center programs. In our Florida inpatient detox center, we know one thing for sure. The best way to protect someone going through withdrawal is through 24/7 monitoring. That’s impossible to do if a patient is sitting at home. Yes, outpatient detox is an option in some cases. However, it’s a better option for you to submit to inpatient detox care.

About Our South Florida Center

Like any other top Florida Inpatient detox center, we strive to make sure patients are comfortable. We understand going through withdrawal is a very difficult process. While we are monitoring your progress, we want to make sure you are comfortable in the environment. With that in mind, we offer several amenities that we hope will make our facility feel like home.

Of course, the state of the facility is simply a benefit of our services. The real work takes place with our inpatient detox center programs. As we indicated above, we will be monitoring your progress for the duration of your stay. As long as you progress through withdrawal with minimal issues, we’ll let you detox naturally. It’s when you start to show signs of significant discomfort that our medical staff is going to jump into action.

Under the discretion of our staff physicians, prescription relief medications might be available. Medical professionals have to carefully weigh the potential risks of giving pain relievers to people with an opiate addiction. If they do choose to do so, you, as the patient, will know they have concerns about your progress. It’s their job to make sure you are safe and secure at all times. When they succeed, you’ll benefit by moving onto therapy with a clear mind and body.

What We Are All About at Summit Detox

The fact we sit in South Florida is an indication we live by high standards. After all, South Florida is the “rehab capital of the world,” and we have a role to play. Our role is to help addiction sufferers get safely through the initial days of their abstinence. In an effort to fulfill our obligation, we offer the following:

  • Medical and IV detox services
  • Access to custom detox programs
  • Complete and unfettered confidentiality and personal privacy
  • Protection from pain and discomfort
  • Elite services to residents in Florida and neighboring states

Are you ready to get treatment for your addiction? If so, we would like to suggest our Summit Detox inpatient detox center programs as your first detox option. You’ll have our commitment that we will use all of our available resources to help get you ready for therapy. If you would like to know more about our facility and services, call us at (888) 995-5265.

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