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Honoring Our Heroes: Celebrating International Paramedics Day – Summit Detox & Residential

Paramedics are available around the clock to provide life-saving treatments and first aid to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Despite the stress and trauma they endure each day, they continue to give their all and sacrifice their well-being for others. Join us, and millions around the world, on July 8 to honor paramedics and…

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pills spilling on paper to define substance abuse

What Does Substance Abuse Mean: Definitions, Signs, and Recovery Options

Treatment specialists often define substance abuse as excessive use of drugs or alcohol. However, we can categorize abuse in various ways. Some people abuse alcohol on occasion. Others may form an addiction use disorder. Still, other users may fall into a long-term dependency that lasts for years.

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doctor writing detox to explain detox meaning

What Does Detox Mean For Drugs and Alcohol?

You may have attempted to stop drinking or taking drugs multiple times. However, each failed attempt has caused you to feel more hopeless. However, you can stop substance abuse with the right help from a treatment specialist at a drug and alcohol detox center in Florida. If you’re not sure what the detox meaning is or how to get help, then you can start by consulting a professional.

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young woman struggling with the Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline surrounded by alcohol

Understanding the Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline: A Comprehensive Guide

Prolonged alcohol abuse may have harmful side effects on a person’s health and life. Hence, one may need to quit drinking to restore normal body functions and learn more about the alcohol withdrawal timeline.

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Woman knows about mental health during drug detox.

Exploring the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Connection

The intricate relationship between mental health and substance abuse is a critical issue affecting millions globally. Often hidden beneath the surface of societal conversation, this connection, known as a dual diagnosis, impacts individuals and families across various backgrounds. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the complexities of co-occurring disorders, the role of self-medication, common…

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Best detox center in Florida

How to Find the Best Detox Center in Fort Lauderdale

A detox center offers professional help and support if you are addicted to substances and can’t seem to quit. The best detox center near Fort Lauderdale provides a safe environment for you as you go through detox, initial treatment, and long-term relapse prevention.

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woman lounging in a chair at the inpatient detox center

What Happens at Detox and What to Expect

When considering enrolling in an inpatient detox center in South Florida, you may have a lot of questions. This is a big step in turning your life around and making a change for the better.

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person suffering from opioid dependence

How To Tell If a Loved One Is Abusing Opioids

If you are concerned that a loved one is addicted to opioids, it’s essential to know the symptoms of opioid abuse, as opioid misuse leads to more overdose deaths than most other addictive drugs. Many people think they can tell, but the signs can be subtle and easy to miss, especially if your loved one…

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person wondering what they should expect during alcohol detox treatment

Alcohol Detox: A Comprehensive Guide to Detoxing from Alcohol

Alcohol is both a stimulant and a depressant. Therefore, it alters brain function, which can make detoxing from alcohol extremely difficult. When you first start drinking, you may feel relaxed or intoxicated. The more you drink, the more the effects wear off. As a result, you may increase your consumption levels to continue feeling the side effects.

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