powered speed drug loose and in baggies posing what is speed drug

What is Speed Drug?

What is speed drug? Speed is a stimulant that increases brain activity and produces energy and focus. The term, ‘speed’, is the street name for amphetamine sulfate or, simply, amphetamines. Speed drug effects usually occur when a person overdoses while snorting or injecting the pinkish powder. If you’re struggling with speed drug addiction, the medical detox center in Florida prevents overdose complications.

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pills spilling on paper to define substance abuse

Define Substance Abuse

Treatment specialists often define substance abuse as excessive use of drugs or alcohol. However, we can categorize abuse in various ways. Some people abuse alcohol on occasion. Others may form an addiction use disorder. Still, other users may fall into a long-term dependency that lasts for years.

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marijuana and paraphernalia on a table of person with weed drug abuse

Weed Drug Abuse

As more states legalize marijuana use, weed drug abuse continues to skyrocket. Currently, marijuana is the most commonly used psychotropic drug in the U.S. As of 2018, nearly 12 million users age 18 to 24 used marijuana over the last 12 months. To complicate the problem, vaping has made smoking weed more popular a widespread as it continues to penetrate popular culture and become more accepted.

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doctor writing detox to explain detox meaning

Detox Meaning

You may have attempted to stop drinking or taking drugs multiple times. However, each failed attempt has caused you to feel more hopeless. However, you can stop substance abuse with the right help from a treatment specialist at a drug and alcohol detox center in Florida. If you’re not sure what the detox meaning is or how to get help, then you can start by consulting a professional.

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purple carbonated drink posing the question what is purple drank

What is Purple Drank?

You may be asking, “What is purple drank?” Purple drank (also known as Lean) is an illicit drug that contains codeine cough syrup, a carbonated beverage, and hard candy. Codeine comes from the poppy plant and has the same effects as morphine. This is why the drug is popular with users.

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worried woman curled up in chair with psychological dependency

Psychological Dependency

Psychological dependency involves all emotional and psychological processes due to substance abuse. Learning the relationship between substance abuse and psychological processes gives you a better understanding of how and why addiction occurs and why clinical therapy is vital to your recovery.

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hand pushing away a shot of whiskey thinking can i quit drinking alcohol cold turkey

Can I Quit Drinking Alcohol Cold Turkey?

Can I quit drinking alcohol cold turkey?” The answer to that question is “You shouldn’t.” If you are considering stopping drinking suddenly, there are several things you need to consider – most importantly, your health and successful detoxification.

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sisters working together to learn how to support a loved one during detox

How to Support a Loved One in Detox

Getting a loved one to admit they have a problem with addiction and agree to get professional help is a significant step toward recovery. However, once they enter a drug and alcohol detox center program, you may be at a loss as to how to support a loved one in detox. After all, you may rely on treatment professionals to ‘take it from here’.

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woman with hand over her face dealing with detox symptoms

Detox Symptoms

When it comes to detox symptoms, the severity and length of the symptoms depend on the substance you are using, substance amount, and how long you have been addicted. For instance, heroin withdrawal symptoms can be severe and last up to five days. Withdrawal from some medications can cause seizures and last for several weeks. Alcohol withdrawal can trigger delirium tremens and last for a month.

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