define psychotherapy, girl laying on a couch talking to her therapist

Define Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy helps patients with a broad range of mental disorders and addictions. One way to define psychotherapy is talk therapy that helps you manage symptoms of these disorders. The purpose of treatment is to improve your sense of well-being and overall health.

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First Night, people enjoying sparklers

First Night at Rehab: What to Expect

For many people, getting through the nights can be difficult. It is not unusual for patients to have insomnia that may last several nights in a row. The primary reason for this is that rehab is a significant paradigm shift. Your life as you knew it no longer exists. Your new path to recovery is just beginning.

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How to spot an alcoholic family member

How to Spot an Alcoholic Family Member

Friends often come and go, but family is something we can never overlook. This makes watching a loved one experience alcoholism that much harder. Recognizing the issue is the first step in helping someone with recovery, so knowing how to spot an alcoholic family member is imperative. The following signs could indicate a problem, and by identifying them, you can take steps towards helping fix it.

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alcoholism signs, person looking at a drink

Alcoholism Signs

Alcoholism signs are not always easy to identify. One reason for this is that some people are good at hiding their addiction. Another reason may stem from our preconceived stereotypes of an alcoholic looks/acts like. Still, another reason is that most people do not know what to look for. 

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ambien withdrawl, man sitting on floor overwhelmed

Ambien Withdrawal

Ambien abuse continues to rise in the U.S., as more people become aware of its euphoric and relaxing effects. Furthermore, many patients will increase the dosage as the effects of the medication wear off. This leads to dependency and a full-blown addiction.

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doctor explaining to a man what valium does to the brain

What Valium Does to the Brain

Among the potential side effects of valium are abuse, addiction, and dependency. Whether used as prescription medication or purchased as an illicit drug, the same risks of addiction and disorders are high among users. Regardless of the risks, valium continues to be available on a wide scale for both medical and recreational use.

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is alcoholism a disease, man struggles with bottle in his hand

Is Alcoholism a Disease?

Many people suffer from addiction, anxiety, trauma, psychosis, hallucinations, lack of motivation, isolation, and other intense emotional and mental conditions. Furthermore, like any other chronic disease, there is no cure for alcoholism. However, there is treatment available to help patients overcome the symptoms.

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are thc pills dangerous, person filling bottle with substance

Are THC Pills Dangerous?

As the demand for all forms of marijuana continues to increase, companies and developers often alter the drug or increase levels of THC to compete in the market. Since experimentation is still relatively new, companies do not often advertise how much THC they add to the pill. Furthermore, consumers are relatively uninterested in finding out. Part of this is due to the pleasure they feel from increased levels of THC.

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opiate withdrawal timeline, girl staring pensively into the distance

Opiate Withdrawal Timeline

Opiate withdrawal symptoms can occur within just a few hours after entering detox. Once they start, the opiate withdrawal timeline may spread out over several days. Common withdrawal symptoms include nausea, muscle cramping, depression, anxiety, and severe cravings.

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cocaine withdrawal, man staring sadly

Cocaine Withdrawal

Regardless of how severe your symptoms are, they will eventually start to disappear one by one after a few days. Some symptoms may last for a few weeks, with a gradual decrease in intensity. Even after the initial discomfort passes, you may still crave the substance for several weeks. You may need some medication to curb the cravings…

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