Use Your Cigna Insurance Policy to Pay for Detox Treatment

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If you are considering your funding options for recovery care, Cigna is well worth a look. Cigna is a worldwide health services company with branches in more than 30 countries and over 180 million customers. Cigna insurance coverage differs from other health insurance options, as it specializes in addiction recovery — not something all health insurers can do.

Will Cigna Health Insurance Cover Medications For Drug Rehab?

Cigna insurance coverage includes substance abuse treatment for its members, including medications. The types of medications Cigna covers vary by state, but the company provides a useful searchable drug list tool that allows you to search for the medication you need and see if it is covered.

A woman sits down on a bench. She has been attending alcohol abuse and mental health treatment at a Boynton Beach treatment facility. She hopes to fully recover.

What Rehab Treatment Options Are Covered By Cigna Healthcare?

Cigna also covers a range of therapy services, inpatient detox, and outpatient treatment programs. Finding the right program for you is the most critical first step that should be discussed with your healthcare professional and family. In some cases, this will be a medical detox program that paces you through the worst physical withdrawal symptoms, which can be difficult or even dangerous to manage at home.

Next, the choice is between a residential or inpatient program and an outpatient program. A residential rehab center will have you live at the facility and benefit from close supervision of both physical and mental symptoms as they evolve over the first weeks and months (typically up to 3 months) of recovery.

An inpatient treatment program isn’t for everyone, especially if you’re working while struggling with addiction to drugs. An outpatient care program will be more suitable for you if you can cope day-to-day, but think you would benefit from ongoing meetings and/or therapy sessions. In this case, you could attend meetings several times a week. Depending on your individual needs, Cigna can offer group and one-on-one sessions. You can also explore various approaches, from CBT therapy to psychodynamics. According to, “this could be around 10 to 20 hours of individual counseling or group therapy over a few days each week.” You can continue working and fulfilling any other responsibilities you may have while managing your addiction.

There is also a partial hospitalization program option for patients who want to spend nights at home, but want to benefit from the guidance and supervision of an inpatient program during the day.

According to Addiction Blog, Cigna offers a great choice of where you want to take your treatment. Their “wide mental health provider network means you may receive rehab services at an American Addiction Centers-accredited facility at little to no cost.”

Individuals struggling with their substance use disorder. They speak with a rehab professional about what type of drug or alcohol treatment plan is best for them.

Will Cigna Insurance Deductibles Pay The Entire Cost Of Drug Rehab?

It is important to note that Cigna insurance coverage does not include the whole cost of recovery treatment — but will offer partial coverage in most cases. Usually, you will have to cover the first $6,500 and then 50% of the remaining costs up to the out-of-pocket limit of $8,100, at which point the insurance will begin covering you fully. The initial expense will need to be factored in before you book yourself into a program covered by Cigna.

However, according to Behavioral Health Centers, the exact deductible amount will depend on your plan. Some plans cover 90% of the cost, with you only needing to cover 10%. Of course, you should always speak to your insurance provider to find out what type of drug or alcohol detox plan you can access.

A woman goes on a hike with her friend. She's completed the recovery process after spending time at several treatment facilities in Boynton Beach, FL. Her lifestyle changes led her to a successful recovery.

A Cigna Health Insurance Plan Tailored to Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Cigna insurance coverage is still a good option if you want coverage tailored to drug abuse recovery, which is not always available with conventional insurance options. On top of that, Cigna is an experienced, trusted company in this niche — worth exploring for anyone looking into having a lasting recovery.

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