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About Us

Advanced medical treatment for addiction

We offer a highly effective treatment program that incorporates the most advanced medical procedures with innovative remedies to minimize withdrawal symptoms. Our individualized programs are geared to your special needs. You’ll receive the best and most appropriate medical care as well as one-on-one-counseling to help you navigate your way to sobriety.


Summit Detox is a medical facility that provides for the safe and comfortable detoxification from alcohol and drugs including heroin, opioids, and benzodiazepines.

Located in sunny Boynton Beach, Florida, near the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean, we serve clients 18 years and older from around the country in a safe and nurturing environment. We are the first step in living a healthy and sober life.


Competent, caring, committed medical staff.

We offer a medically supervised stable detox, including a vitamin regimen and innovative remedies that ensure you are not over- or under-medicated during detox. This enables you to be in the best frame of mind to accept continuing treatment.

Depending on the substance, there are a variety of medications administered to step our clients down from their addiction. Our 24/7 medical supervision, caring staff, and premium rooms with amenities provide a solid foundation for recovery.

Some of our unique offerings include gender-specific floors, healthy food options, 12-step meetings at night, smoke breaks and regular chiropractic treatments.


Take the first step towards reclaiming your life

At Summit Detox, you can expect to find competent, caring, committed medical staff, many of which are in recovery, so they can relate to your experience. All clients are treated with respect and compassion. The staff takes personal pride in making all clients feel welcome and cared for.

Treating an individual’s needs from both a medical and clinical approach is fundamental to giving every client the level of care they need. Summit Detox is nationally accredited, and as a member of the Transformation Treatment Center family, we can offer a continuity of care from detox through outpatient, so you can recover physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


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We understand that getting sober is not easy, and that you are in pain, along with your friends and family. We provide a warm, nurturing environment with all of the amenities of home: a TV, private bath and comfortable bed. From the first call to the moment you leave our facility, we keep your health and recovery as our primary goal.



I have been to detox before, but Summit was the most comfortable I can imagine. Everyone was so caring, it was wonderful. I really felt respected and valued as a person. Thanks so much.
Bill B.
Everybody treated me with respect. They were all so positive that they kept me positive. I can’t describe how much the experience helped me.
Kirk M.
You guys were the greatest. Everybody was so nice and professional that they made me feel more comfortable. My time there was tough, but I left feeling like a new person. I’m now in treatment and for the first time in my life feel like I’m going to be okay. I can’t thank you enough.
Bradon W.
The staff there would talk to me about their own experiences, what they’d seen and how other people had recovered. It gave me hope.
Linda L.
Summit was so not what I expected. Instead of a cold prison like place, it was warm and comfortable. Everyone was nice. I don’t ever want to go back, but it was nice.
Matthew W.
Just a note to say how much good it did me to stay at Summit. The staff really care, and they made me feel as at home as was possible under the circumstances. The people there made all the difference.
Terry T.


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