Alcoholism Signs

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Alcoholism signs are not always easy to identify. One reason for this is that some people are good at hiding their addiction. Another reason may stem from our preconceived stereotypes of an alcoholic looks/acts like. Still, another reason is that most people do not know what to look for. 

The classic personification of an alcoholic is someone who displays destructive behavior that destroys their life. However, this is not always the case. An alcoholic can lead you to believe that everything is ok and even project a positive self-image. However, underneath, they’re struggling to keep it together. Therefore, it is important to identify and address alcoholism signs.

Examples of Alcoholism Signs

Sometimes those closes to an alcoholic may still be unaware of the extent of the problem. Therefore, if you believe that someone may be suffering from alcoholism, then look for common signs of alcoholism such as: 

  • Denial that they have a problem regardless of how obvious it is
  • Ignoring responsibilities at home, work, or with their personal life
  • Sudden changes in behavior, appetite, or sleep
  • Legal problems associated with their drinking
  • Causing those around them to worry about their condition
  • Getting drunk even when they did not intend to

Another sign of alcoholism is blacking out from binging. Blackouts occur when a person has no memory of what happened while they were drunk. Some people pass out when they blackout. Others may appear that they are still functioning.

Why People Deny That They Have a Problem

In spite of the alcoholism signs, there are numerous reasons why people deny their alcohol problem, including:


Many alcoholics believe that they do not have a drinking problem. They may try to rationalize their behavior by saying things like, “I only had a couple of drinks,” or “it’s been a while since my last glass of wine.”

Avoiding a Discussion

If you try to bring up the problem, the alcoholic may dismiss it or tell you that you are overreacting. They may turn the issue back on you and point out your problems. 

Assigning Blame

One of the most common alcoholism signs is the alcoholic blaming someone else for their excessive drinking. They may try to blame a spouse, family, work, or other circumstances in their life. 

Hiding the Alcohol

The alcoholic may try to conceal the alcohol in the home, at work, or even at events. They may resort to using a flask or lying about the smell on their breath. Or, the user may try to use excuses to explain their behavior. 

Other common tactics include making comparisons, agreeing to a false contract, or getting defensive when you confront them. These are common signs of alcoholism that should raise a red flag.

Getting Help for Alcoholism

The first step in addressing alcoholism signs is to get clean at a detox center. Summit Detox offers a full detox program in Florida. To find out more about your treatment options, call us at (888) 995-5265. We are here to help you get on the road to recovery.

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