woman struggles with managing heroin withdrawal

How to Manage Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

Like other opiates, heroin impacts the brain’s reward system while building the body’s tolerance to the drug’s euphoric effects. To keep feeling the high produced from the drug, the user increases the dosage. This eventually leads to a heroin overdose or addiction. Once the user stops using heroin, they may experience moderate to severe withdrawal…

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Woman struggles with the effects of heroin withdrawal

Can You Die from Heroin Withdrawal?

Can you die from heroin withdrawal? Although it is rare, it is possible to die from severe heroin withdrawal symptoms if you have a severe or long-term addiction to the drug. Some of the leading causes of death during detox include electrolyte imbalance or extreme dehydration due to diarrhea and vomiting. With the threat of…

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Woman struggles with managing alcohol withdrawal.

How to Manage Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol is a legal drug that is so prevalent in society that we sometimes forget that it is addictive. Drinking too much or too frequently can cause alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes we call those symptoms a “hangover.” For someone suffering from an alcohol use disorder, however, alcohol withdrawal is more than a hangover. These symptoms…

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Man struggles with how to ease morphine withdrawal.

How to Ease Morphine Withdrawal Symptoms

Prescription opioids such as morphine have been a central part of the nation’s opioid epidemic. But they are also incredibly effective in alleviating pain and suffering for individuals suffering significant illness such as cancer. Unfortunately, prescription drugs such as morphine can lead to addiction, and stepping down from that addiction leads to morphine withdrawal symptoms….

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