Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline

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Prolonged alcohol abuse may have harmful side effects on a person’s health and life. Hence, one may need to quit drinking to restore normal body functions and learn more about the alcohol withdrawal timeline. Our alcohol detox program in Boynton Beach, FL will get rid of toxins from excessive alcohol consumption. When detoxing from alcohol, you may require medical observation, medication, and supplements.

To understand the alcohol withdrawal timeline, you should know the effects of withdrawal symptoms. This will help you understand why it is necessary for alcohol abuse recovery.

The Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline

Alcohol detox prepares the body for an alcohol addiction treatment program. A person suffering from addiction can detox in an inpatient or outpatient facility. Yet, keen observation is necessary for both cases, especially for heavy alcohol users. Detox from alcohol involves the following steps:


Before enrolling in a detox program, one has to undergo an intake assessment. A medical team will conduct a review of a patient’s medical, drug, and psychiatric history. It is crucial to give accurate and comprehensive information to the facility staff. The data will aid medics in understanding your mental and physical state.

Treatment Assessment

A medical screening is necessary to determine the alcohol level in your urine and blood. Medical professionals may conduct tests to rule out other conditions and diseases such as anxiety and depression. These tests will help them come up with a customized action plan that has details on how to treat each addiction feature. Physicians also use this plan to identify the right medication for your state.


Most people experience various withdrawal symptoms during alcohol detox. The symptoms may range from mild to severe, depending on the extent of the addiction. Medical professionals will observe how a patient reacts to the cessation. They may administer medication that mimics alcohol effects to control the withdrawal symptoms. Some of the treatments during the medical detox program will help reduce the discomfort you may experience in the process.

Hydration and boosting health

One of the most common effects of alcohol misuse is poor nutrition and dehydration. During detox, the physicians will address both of these issues. Most alcohol detox programs use Iron, and vitamin supplements to boost health. Patients may also receive herbal teas and neural broths to hydrate their bodies.


After getting rid of toxins from the body, one undergoes psychological and medical treatments. Both processes will help to maintain a balance between the mind and the body. Therapies at a partner facility may also include more procedures to determine the mental aspect of the addiction. This will help you identify what stimulates the drinking behavior. Hence, you can develop coping techniques to prevent a relapse.

The Side Effects of Detoxing from Alcohol

Seeking professional detox programs can limit some adverse effects of the detox process. However, some general side effects are unavoidable. These symptoms may appear in various stages of the alcohol withdrawal timeline.

The first stage begins eight hours after the last drink, whereby a person experiences nausea and anxiety. The second stage kicks in one to three days after drinking, and a person may have increased heart rate and blood pressure. The third stage of the alcohol withdrawal timeline begins on the fifth day and can go up to the seventh day. One may feel agitated and experience seizures in addition to hallucinations.

Moreover, people who have a severe addiction might experience heart failure and hypertension. Once the body gets rid of toxins from alcohol consumption, the brain begins to control and restore its normal functioning.

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