Looking for a new life? Try Florida drug rehab.

8 Reasons You Should Travel to Florida for Drug Rehab

If you’re considering addiction rehab, you may be looking into programs offered at local drug rehabs. But is it beneficial to stay local when you’re around the same places and people who remind you of using? Will you be able to gain strength in your recovery program while faced with the same triggers and issues you…

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Close up of young woman happy face cuddling his military boyfriend while struggling with addiction.

Military Spouses Who Are Overwhelmed With Alcohol Addiction

Military members serve the country unselfishly as they travel to unfamiliar places to defend freedom. Military life brings challenges, including stress and uncertainty. The Stress of Being Left Behind Military families also sacrifice when they remain behind. Loneliness, financial problems and daily responsibilities contribute to the stress of being left behind. When Army wives and…

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what to look for in treatment

What to Look for in a Drug Rehab Treatment Facility

What to Look for in Your Residential Drug Treatment Facility Congratulations on making the decision to pursue drug and alcohol rehab! We know how challenging it can be to come to the conclusion that you need recovery help. At Summit Detox, we want to do everything we can to support your decision. Enrolling in a…

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levels of care

Levels of Care in Addiction Treatment

When it comes to treating substance use disorders, each individual may require different treatments. Some people struggle with severe drug or alcohol use disorders that require advanced interventions, while others may recover with less intensive treatments. For this reason, varying levels of care in addiction treatment are available. The Need for Different Levels of Care…

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