Women’s Detox in Boynton Beach, FL

When someone decides to seek help for their addiction, they deserve respect. It’s a difficult thing to do for someone who has been wasting their life on drugs or alcohol. In order to ensure they are as comfortable as possible with the addiction treatment process, there are concessions an addiction treatment facility could make. In our facility, we offer gender-specific detox programs. So we do maintain a women’s detox center for women who would prefer that kind of treatment environment.

Of course, a women’s detox center in Florida has nothing to do with segregation or bias. In fact, it has to do with making sure all patients can get treatment in an environment that’s comfortable for them.

The Benefits of a Women’s Detox Center

Women doing a cheer at their women's detox in boynton beach flWe have to accept the fact men and women are different. Society treats them differently, which results in each gender taking on different characteristics and responsibilities. Therefore, for women, society places more focus on their moral character, emotional stability, and ability to be caring and nurturing. Women, who are suffering from an addiction, suffer greater injustices at the hands of people who call into question these things. It’s for that very reason that a lot of women prefer a women’s detox center over a coed facility. Just like many men prefer a men’s detox program.

Women’s detox programs offer women some very specific benefits. For example, the list of benefits includes:

  • The ability to avoid the scrutiny of men
  • The ability to prevent unwanted sexual overtures
  • An opportunity to commensurate with other women in the same situation
  • A chance to build same-sex relationships that could become support resources in the future
  • A chance to receive specialized treatment services for women only

About Our South Florida Women’s Detox Center Programs

To be clear, women’s detoxification is very similar to what men go through. There are physiological differences that take place, but nothing that requires a high level of specialized care.

However, there are aspects of the women’s detoxification process that are deserving of extra consideration. We address these things in our South Florida women’s detox center programs. At the end of the day, we have a responsibility to make sure all of our patients are safe while going through withdrawal.

In our women’s detox center, we monitor the progress of each patient. We also provide them with a nutritious diet and access to amenities that should help them feel more comfortable. Like other women’s detox programs, we spend extra time addressing each woman’s mental and emotional well-being. Unfortunately, women addiction sufferers endure horrible treatment at the hands of people who don’t know any better. While going through the detox process with them, we deal with issues of confidence and self-perception. We do this to remind women they are strong people and don’t need to succumb to outside influences.

By the time a woman leaves our women’s detox center in Florida, they should be ready for therapy. That’s the time and place where they can begin to deal with their future in recovery.

Diversity is Key at Summit Detox

The fact we only offer detox services has no bearing on how we treat patients. Each patient receives a custom detox treatment plan. If our patient is a woman, then we feel we need to offer her access to a women’s detox center. The same goes for a man who wants gender-specific treatment. What we are driving at should be clear. We feel it is necessary to do everything possible to make patients comfortable during the detox treatment process. Here’s more information about our Boynton Beach drug and alcohol detox programs and facility:

  • Detox only facility
  • We do guard personal privacy
  • We offer both medical detox and IV detox options
  • Pain and comfort is our primary concern
  • We proudly serve the greater Florida area

If you would feel more comfortable in a women’s detox center, we can gladly oblige you. Your welfare is our primary concern. Our job at Summit Detox is to get you through detox and send you safely onto therapy. You can get yourself started on recovery or learn more about Summit Detox by calling us at (888) 995-5265.

Summit Detox provides services at our Boynton Beach, FL location and for residents in the surrounding cities of Pompano Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Riviera Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Greenacres, and Wellington.

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