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The first issue an addiction sufferer needs to deal with when they decide to quit substance abuse is potential withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the extent of their addiction, the withdrawal symptoms could be severe. There is good news. A professional mens detox in Boynton Beach, Florida can offer protection against even the worst withdrawal symptoms. However, what if the addiction sufferer is a man who would prefer a gender-specific detox program for men? There’s good news on that front as well. Some drug detox centers in Florida, including Summit Detox, offer men’s detox programs. We will address men’s detoxification programs in the sections below.

Why Men Would Prefer Men’s Detox Programs

Being a man in today’s society is a difficult thing to do. Much like women, men always face scrutiny over things they can’t really control. Society puts pressure on men to always be strong, invulnerable, and in control. When they succumb to alcohol or drug addiction, society sees them as weak and incapable of managing their own lives. To avoid dealing with this kind of scrutiny from the opposite sex, some men simply prefer to be in the company of men only.

That is a benefit that men can get from getting treatment from men’s detox programs. With that said, there are other benefits that men can derive from men’s medical detox treatment. For example, that list includes:

  • Ability to openly show emotions without being judged by the opposite sex
  • Opportunity to avoid distractions from sexual attraction to women
  • The chance to share common experiences only men would understand
  • Opportunity to get special care that addresses a man’s needs
  • Opportunity to build lasting friendships and form ongoing support groups with other men

These are at least some of the reasons we proudly offer men’s detox programs in Boynton Beach, FL.

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Getting Men Through Detox

When men start abusing drugs and alcohol, they do so relentlessly. The result is usually a severe addiction to their substance of choice. Men’s detoxification differs from what women go through for a few reasons. That’s why men’s detox programs tend to place more focus on the duration of the program itself.

In all of our South Florida detox center programs, we monitor each patient’s progress. In our men’s detox center in Florida, we tend to pay more attention to the patient’s overall health. We feel that’s important because of the damage an intense addiction can cause. In our men’s detox center Florida facility, we encourage men to eat better and get more exercise. We do so because we believe men will recover much faster if they feel better physically.

What we try to avoid are men’s detox treatments that last longer than a week. Unfortunately, there are more than a few men who enter our men’s detox programs in need of intense detox treatment with medical stabilization. It’s our responsibility to give them what they need. If that means a tapering program that lasts several weeks, so be it. What we won’t do is release any patient for therapy until we feel confident they are ready to focus. That requires a clear mind and body.

Drug Rehab For Boynton Beach Residents

Drug rehabilitation is an essential part of alcohol and drug addiction treatment for people in Boynton Beach. After detoxification, residents should begin the process of drug and alcohol rehab and gain skills to help them function in a healthier way and resist temptations to use drugs or alcohol.

The goal of drug rehab is to provide individuals with the tools they need to remain sober and lead a life of sobriety. Summit Detox will help you transition to our addiction treatment center in Florida, which offers a variety of programs tailored to each individual’s needs and can provide support during the entire addiction recovery process.

Summit Detox – Making a Difference By Offering Medical Detox in Boynton Beach, FL

Summit Detox offers a mens detox center programWhile we are happy to offer men’s detox programs in Boynton Beach, FL, it’s important to note we provide various services. We don’t really see men and women. What we see are addiction sufferers who need our help finding the path to lasting addiction recovery. Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment serve as the first step along that path. For anyone who has an interest, here is some additional information about what we offer:

  • Detox programs that include medical detox, IV therapy, and IV detoxification
  • Pain and discomfort intervention
  • Services for people in Florida and surrounding states
  • Detox services covering most substances
  • Protection of privacy
  • Mental health assistance
  • In-network health insurance

You read the above information. Are you ready to get help for your substance use disorder? If you are ready and would prefer men’s detox programs, then Summit Detox has what you want. For more information, contact us. That one phone call could end up being the call that gave you back the life you deserve.

Summit Detox provides men’s addiction treatment programs at our Boynton Beach, FL location and for residents in the surrounding cities of Pompano Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Riviera Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Greenacres, and Wellington.


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