Medical Detox in Boynton Beach, Florida

Beginning the medical detox process at Summit Detox

In detox, you gain physical freedom from drugs or alcohol to start recovery. Medical detox programs can help you achieve this early recovery comfortably and safely. They ease the side effects of your withdrawal and help you prepare for your new life ahead.

As you review Florida detox programs, consider what medical detox services you need to start sobriety on the right foot. At Summit Detox in Boynton Beach, Florida, you receive individualized medical detoxification. This customized treatment changes as your needs change, all the while considering your whole wellness and desire for long-term addiction recovery success.

If you struggle with substance abuse or dependency and need help, then medical detox programs at Summit Detox await your arrival. You can have the healthier and more enriched future you want, built upon a foundation of freedom from your substances and new, healthy habits. Learn more about drug and alcohol detox programs and how they fit your needs. Then, when you feel ready for your fresh start in life, simply call Summit Detox.

What are Medical Detox Programs?

Medical detox programs help your body cleanse itself of toxins related to substance abuse. Medical professionals supervise the medical detox process, providing you with care, support, and comfort; you also need to stay healthy and comfortable. South Florida medical detox center programs employ nurses, therapists, clinical staff, and others under the leadership of a licensed physician.

Although many people try to detox at home, this never proves safe and is rarely successful. Home detox also puts you at risk for relapse and deadly overdose. But in medical detox center programs Florida trusts, you safely get through the difficulties of withdrawal symptoms and into early recovery. You also enjoy a higher likelihood of staying in rehab treatment for a more extended period, just as you also face longer sobriety without relapses, when you start recovery with medical detox services.

How Does Drug Detox Work?

Group therapy after medical detox treatment

Medical detox center programs in Florida usher you through three critical steps to sobriety. These include evaluation, stabilization, as well as rehab treatment preparation. During your time in medical detoxification, you also learn about your substance abuse and mentally accept your need for real-life change. For some, that change comes through therapy, while others attend support groups or go through rehab treatment after detox.

The evaluation process of detox takes place as you enter the program doors. You go through a variety of health and lab tests. You also complete some paperwork and screening for mental health conditions commonly related to substance abuse. These screenings include consideration of your at-home support system and current mental state. Using the information gathered through these screenings, your medical team develops your individual treatment plan.

When you stop using your substances and go through withdrawal, you experience the stabilization phase of detox. The medical staff helps you stabilize using medication for your worst symptoms, as well as through creature comforts, rest, nutrition, and hydration. Most people stay in this phase of treatment for one to three weeks.

What Happens After Detox?

Toward the end of your detox treatment, you prepare for what lies ahead in your life. Most people need additional detox treatment or therapies, to stay sober and build a better future after substance abuse ends. These treatment programs and therapies help you face future struggles and stay clean.

Start Your Journey to Sobriety with Expert Medical Detoxification

A woman completes her medical detox treatment at Summit Detox in South Florida

Summit Detox in Boynton Beach, Florida, provides the medical detoxification services you need to feel your best throughout withdrawal. Although detox never feels easy, having medical support is essential for completing your transition into healthy sobriety. For example, programs for drug and alcohol abuse at Summit Detox include:

  • Substance use disorder programs
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Medical detox
  • IV therapy
  • IV detoxification
  • Ongoing treatment customization
  • Patient privacy, dignity, and respect

You deserve a better life, one that awaits beyond your substance abuse. Make the right decision for yourself and the people you love, by putting your alcohol or drug problems behind you.

Take the first steps into drug and alcohol treatment by calling Summit Detox today. With the right help, you can enjoy the life you truly want. That help starts with our Florida detox center –  Summit Detox.

Summit Detox provides services at our Boynton Beach, FL location and for residents in the surrounding cities of Pompano Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Riviera Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Greenacres, and Wellington.


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