How to Choose Between At-Home vs. Medical Detox

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If you are struggling with addiction, then it is likely that you have considered quitting. Taking that first step of admitting there is a problem and acknowledging you need help is critical to later success and long-term recovery. Once you have made that choice, you are on the right path, whether you succeed right away or not. At this point in your journey, however, you may wonder whether you should attempt to do an at-home detox or if you need a medically supervised detox.

This is a critical question. Since quitting alcohol and drugs is such a huge step and crucial to your well-being, you want to do what will be most successful and also the safest. Let’s take a closer look at a medical detox and at-home detox to see which one is right for you.

What Is Medical Detox?

Detoxification — or “detox” for short — is simply the process by which toxic substances are removed or allowed to leave the body. Medical detox is conducted under the close supervision of trained professionals. Certified clinicians, nurses, doctors, and therapists oversee the entire process while you stay in our medical detox facility in South Florida. Over the course of your stay, you will go through the withdrawal process. This can be unpleasant, and often leads to relapse when detox is attempted without professional help.

What to Expect During Medical Detox

When you begin detox in a safe setting such as at an addiction treatment center, you can expect the withdrawal process to go more smoothly. Medical clinicians will monitor your health as you progress through the phases of withdrawal. In addition, you may receive medication to assist with the discomfort, ease your cravings, or to make sure you are medically safe.

Is Medical Detox Necessary?

When deciding between at-home and medical detox, it is essential to understand that medical detox is by far the safer, more effective choice. The fact is, not only are there several benefits of medical detox, but there are dangers of home detox too.

During medical detox at a rehab center, you will have a medical support team surrounding you 24/7. Going through withdrawal is not only unpleasant; depending on the substance and the severity of your addiction, it can be risky. In addition to relapse, home detox can involve seizures, loss of consciousness, hallucinations, and in extreme cases, it can be fatal.

Obviously, the benefits of medical detox are the safety and security that you’ll receive from being surrounded by medical professionals. It is also comforting to have the support of those who understand what you are going through.

Finally, participating in medical detox as opposed to an at-home detox provides you with ongoing therapy throughout your journey, and a chance to continue your recovery journey in our care. As you face the difficulties of withdrawal, you’ll have the full regimen of therapeutic services at your disposal. Your physical, emotional, and psychological well-being is a top priority during medical detox.

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The resources you need are waiting for you at Summit Detox. Our facility uses evidence-based therapies and treatments to ensure our clients get the best care possible. From medical detox to one-on-one therapy and other treatment modalities, our aim is to give you the tools you need for genuine, lasting recovery. With the aid of our compassionate therapists and addiction specialists, you can find your way to a brighter future.

At Summit Detox, we are equipped to deal with a broad range of addiction issues. Our treatments extend to a variety of different chemicals. Some of our treatments programs include:

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