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Addiction treatment looks different for every patient. During these days of the serious opioid addiction crisis affecting millions, some people want a quick fix for addiction. But are drugs to treat addiction effective and safe? You may have heard about available options for treating opioid dependency. Suboxone is one such drug used to wean people off of stronger opiates. However, this substance is also potentially addictive which has led to the need for a suboxone detox center that can help.

About Tapering Drugs

Group of clients at a suboxone detox centerTapering drugs are not new. They are less potent opiates used to help alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal. Methadone, for example, has been around for decades as an aid in heroin addiction treatment. The drug works during detox by easing some of the worst withdrawal symptoms. Because methadone is also an opioid, critics of this treatment option see it as replacing one drug with another. For some people, methadone dependence replaces their dependence on heroin.

About Suboxone

Suboxone is a combination of naloxone and buprenorphine, two ingredients that work together to block users from feeling the high that stronger opioids such as heroin produce. However, it gives users a slight euphoric feeling that’s much less potent than the one they’re accustomed to. Tapering drugs like suboxone can very effective but should always be used per your addiction treatment specialists‘ orders.

Why South Florida Suboxone Detox Center Programs are Necessary

Methadone has been around much longer than suboxone, which the FDA approved in 2002 as a treatment option for heroin addiction. However, suboxone is newer and utilizes drugs that actively block the brain’s opioid receptors. This makes a suboxone detox treatment typically more effective than methadone.

Patients typically take methadone every day. They must go to a facility to receive their daily dose. It’s usually not a drug they’re able to take at home. However, it’s possible for them to abuse other opioids while on methadone.

In a suboxone detox center, patients can take their prescription medication at home, which makes it more convenient for them. It also acts more quickly, and patients may get over their withdrawal symptoms in a week or less, compared to the weeks or months that methadone takes.

Which drug is more effective? They both have their uses. Sometimes, doctors may start patients on methadone and gradually taper them off to suboxone. In terms of convenience, however, suboxone has an edge. For some people, that convenience may make it easier for them to stick with the suboxone detox center programs.

Getting the Detox Treatment You Need

Do you need mental health therapy that fits into your life instead of the other way around? Summit Detox in Florida is the answer. Our center treats the individual, not a condition. We provide traditional psychiatric services that offer a chance at a more stable, fulfilling life.

Our services include detox for the following:

  • Alcohol detox
  • Heroin detox
  • Meth detox
  • Opiate detox
  • Methadone treatment

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