The public health focus in 2020 has understandably been on COVID-19. But existing public health emergencies, such as the opioid crisis, remain ever-present. As always, heroin is central to problems with opioid abuse. If you or someone you love is struggling with heroin, it may be time to seek a heroin detox center. The Summit Detox heroin detox program near Lake Worth, FL is dedicated to helping people with heroin use disorder take the first steps toward recovery. Detox is a process that involves tapering off drugs or alcohol, while under the supervision of doctors and counselors.

Supervision is vital as tapering from addiction can lead to serious problems with withdrawal. Our heroin detox center near Lake Worth, FL focuses on avoiding those difficulties.

heroin detox center near Lake Worth FL

What is Heroin?

Heroin is an illegal and highly addictive drug derived from opium poppy plants. The United States has had a long history of heroin problems over the decades.

Heroin sets to work quickly by acting on areas of the brain involved in vital functions such as heart rate, sleeping, and breathing. One of the reasons it is so dangerous is how quickly it acts.

But almost as soon as feelings of pleasure peak – they begin to subside. It sets the stage for physical dependence. Enrolling in a heroin detox center, such as our heroin detox program near Lake Worth, FL is the first step in unwinding that physical dependence.

How Detox Helps Towards Recovery

A heroin detox center provides important services to individuals suffering from a heroin use disorder. It is the first step in most drug treatment programs. Heroin and other drugs act alter your brain chemistry in fundamental ways. Your body adjusts to expect a continuous supply of these drugs. And when they aren’t forthcoming, your body sends signals that something’s not right.

Those signals play out in a series of physical symptoms — sometimes very severe in nature. These symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Personality changes and mood swings
  • Problems sleeping
  • Hallucination
  • Accelerated heart rate and blood pressure

Some of these symptoms require more than just a determination to endure. They require the medical supervision of a heroin detox program. At Summit Detox Center near Lake Worth, FL, we provide the care you need through our heroin detox center.

Heroin Detox Center Near Lake Worth, FL

A heroin detox program provides help in other ways. Individuals who try to detox by themselves, at home, run the risk of relapse. Someone struggling with a heroin use disorder may resume their use as a way of seeking relief from withdrawal.

Detox is just the first step of treatment, though. Once you complete the program at a heroin detox center, you will be in line to begin counseling sessions with an addiction therapist. Addiction is classified as a mental health issue. During counseling, you will explore the forces that brought you to this point and work on coping skills for the future.

Addiction is a lifelong battle. During the aftercare stage, you will participate in ongoing therapy and get introduced to 12-step anonymous programs for support.
Summit’s heroin detox program is geared to get you ready to take on these challenges.

Partner with Summit Detox for Heroin Detox

Heroin is one of the most powerfully addicting drugs in society. It has disrupted many lives. Don’t let yourself become another number in the heroin epidemic. Explore the services at the Summit Detox heroin detox center near Lake Worth, FL. Our 20-bed medical facility focuses exclusively on the detox stage of recovery. Successfully completing that stage is fundamental to your success in treatment. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan for detox that will lead to a better day and healthier frame of mind. Reach a counselor at Summit Detox to discuss our heroin detox center today by calling [Direct].

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