What Are the Triggers of Heavy Drinking?

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Triggers of Heavy Drinking

Normally, people don’t decide to drink alcohol heavily without outside influences. This decision most likely happens as a result of one or more factors that drive you towards more drinks than you would prefer to take. Here are a few of the most common triggers of heavy drinking and what you can do to treat alcohol addiction.

Alcohol Experimentation

Nearly every person has a story about binge drinking. Even if you didn’t participate yourself, someone in your social circle likely did so. It’s such a common occurrence at college that it’s depicted in countless movies, shows, and other forms of media.

This experimentation can be egged on due to peer pressure, or simply because someone doesn’t know how alcohol is going to affect their body. Binge drinking is incredibly dangerous and has the potential to lead to death.

Social Drinking and Triggers of Heavy Drinking

Many social events incorporate drinking, whether they’re held at a bar or people bring their own beverages. You may have a hard time saying no when drinks are offered to you, or you could lose track of how much you end up drinking.

Once you start to get tipsy, your judgment is clouded. Even if you would normally avoid heavy drinking, it may seem like a good idea when you’re under the influence.

Peer pressure also comes into play here. Some people may question why you refuse drinks, or it could be a work function where non-drinkers draw negative attention. In these situations, asking a bartender to make a “virgin” version of the drink gives you a non-alcoholic option.

Drinking to Reduce Your Stress

Many stressors exist in life, and it can be hard to deal with everyday problems. Alcohol may seem like an escape from these issues, so you start drinking to bring down your stress levels. It could make you feel like you can tackle your day’s work or stop yourself from having too much anxiety.

In reality, you could end up developing a psychological addiction to alcohol, followed shortly after by a physical addiction, that leads to health issues, problems with your relationships, and other concerns. An alcohol detox program is the safest way to reduce this physical addiction.

Drinking Due to Loneliness

It’s hard to be alone sometimes, and that feeling can get overwhelming. The feeling of loneliness can occur in several ways, such as being separated from a loved one, or not being able to find a lasting relationship. The temporary boost from drinking could progress into heavy dependency, especially if you end up using it to try to get through the day.

Drinking to Deal with Unpleasant Social Situations

Everyone has some type of social situation that they hate dealing with. For some people, it’s dealing with the in-laws. For others, it could be a kid’s birthday party. In either case, they end up turning to alcohol as a way to make it through this event while still remaining civil and pleasant.

If the social circumstances are particularly stressful, it’s easy for this to lead to a heavy drinking session.

Finding Help for the Triggers of Heavy Drinking

Heavy drinking occurs in many forms, and the triggers of heavy drinking are unique to each person. Your treatment plan should be just as unique in order to effectively manage your recovery process. An addiction treatment center has several programs that work well for guiding you through alcohol addiction:

  • Inpatient care provides you with 24/7 medical staff and a complete lack of access to alcohol.
  • Medical detox programs support you through the severe withdrawal symptoms that occur with alcoholism.
  • Comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment programs include multiple types of therapy for processing why you drink heavily.
  • Extended care programs act as an in-between step from inpatient care to independent living.

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