Can You Die from Opioid Withdrawal?

woman sitting in the dark going through opioid withdrawal

Many people are addicted to opioids. These drugs harm their lives, interfere with their families, and disrupt their career prospects. Although people may want to stop doing the drugs, they are concerned about opioid withdrawal and the drug detox process. They are not sure what to expect or whether it could be dangerous. Some people even wonder if they could die from opioid withdrawal. If you are experiencing opioid addiction and are concerned about opioid withdrawal, read on for more information.

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Understanding the Addiction Cycle

Addiction happens over time. You begin taking a substance that is new to your body and system. However, over time, you develop a tolerance to the drug, which means you need to increase the dose to get the same effect. Then, as the dose is increased, your body starts to depend on the chemical. The substance even changes some of the chemistry in your brain and body, causing you to rely on it. Therefore, if you were to stop taking it suddenly, you would feel the effects of withdrawal.

What Happens During Opioid Withdrawal?

As you withdrawal from opioids, you will experience several unpleasant symptoms. Some of the symptoms are physical, and some are psychological and emotional. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Flu-like aches and pains
  • Dysphoria (feeling very “down”)
  • Inability to sleep
  • Dilated pupils
  • Fever
  • Tremors
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Increased blood pressure and pulse rate

You still may be wondering how you could die from any of the symptoms mentioned above. Generally speaking, withdrawal puts an enormous strain on the body. Vomiting and diarrhea, for instance, can lead to severe dehydration if not treated. That affects the heart and can lead to death. This makes it all the more essential that you participate in an opioid detox program, which will mandate that you have 24/7 medical supervision.

How to Safely Withdraw from Opioids

To safely withdraw from opioids, you need a medical detox program. During opioid detox, you will have medical professionals surrounding you, helping you through the process. They will provide you with a comfortable setting so that you are safe and comfortable. Medical detox also provides you with medication if you need it to ease your symptoms. You may need over-the-counter or even prescription medication to help with symptoms.

In addition, during opioid detox staff will be on hand to check your vitals to make sure you don’t get dehydrated. Your heart and blood pressure will be monitored, as well. If any of your vitals are not what they should be, the doctors and nurses will ensure that you are cared for properly.

Opioid Withdrawal At Summit Detox

At Summit Detox, we understand that opioid detox is a serious undertaking. At our South Florida facility, we will walk with you as you take the journey to recover from opioid addiction one step at a time. You will benefit from our compassionate staff and expert medical team.

Our treatment plans are customized to fit your needs and are broad enough to match whatever substance you are struggling with. Some of our other treatment programs include:

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