What is Binge Drinking, and How Much Is Too Much?

What is binge drinking

What is binge drinking? A person binges on alcohol when they consume large quantities within a short period in a single sitting. For most men, that amount is five drinks or more. For most women, more than four drinks would be considered a binge. While binge drinking is common with teenagers, adults of all ages also binge drink.

Long-term binge drinking is referred to as a bender, a long-term spree that can last for three to four days (or longer). A person may go on a bender and drink an entire weekend. Binge drinking can be dangerous because it can cause a person to lose control, blackout quickly, or suffer from alcohol poisoning. For individuals who struggle with binge drinking, an alcohol detox center in South Florida can help.

Is Binge Drinking Substance Abuse?

Binge drinking is a form of substance abuse in which someone exceeds their body’s alcohol limit (or the legal limit).

Someone who knows their limit may stop at one or two drinks in a sitting. However, a person who binges abuses alcohol (and subsequently, the body). They drink more than their bodies can handle. As a result, they become highly intoxicated as their blood-alcohol level skyrockets.

A person who binges can’t handle their alcohol. Since they do not know their limit, they will continue to drink until they pass out, vomit, or lose all judgment. This is the result of drinking too much, too fast. So, yes, drinking is substance abuse. In many cases, the only way to overcome excessive drinking is at a South Florida detox center.

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Is It the Same as Addiction?

Drinking to excess is a sign that someone has lost control. Even if they know their limits, they continue to drink. However, binge drinking is not necessarily the same as addiction. Someone may ‘cut loose’ from time to time or go a little crazy at a party. However, it doesn’t mean that they exhibit the symptoms of addiction.

When someone is addicted to alcohol, they start forming a recurring habit that eventually turns into a dependency on the substance. They cannot control their addiction and will continue drinking regardless of the consequences. While there is no excuse for drinking excessively in a consistent manner, it does not always indicate that a person has an addiction.

How to Tell if You Have a Drinking Problem

If you find that yourself needing to ask, what is binge drinking, or if you are wondering if you are taking part in it, you may be on the verge of full-blown alcohol addiction. Some signs that you have a problem with drinking excessively include:

  • Having more than four drinks a day
  • Blacking out and having no memory of what happened
  • Feeling guilty or ashamed because you exceeded your limit
  • Feeling that it’s time to do something about your binges
  • Having friends or family concerned that you may be getting out of control

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