What Does TRICARE Cover for Mental Health Services?

TRICARE Coverage for Mental Health Services

What Types of Mental Health Care Does TRICARE Cover?

TRICARE health insurance provides coverage for mental health services, including inpatient and outpatient services. Review our guide to obtaining mental health treatment through TRICARE insurance for you or a family member under your plan. You can seek the following types of treatment through your TRICARE plan.

Residential Mental Health Services

TRICARE covers inpatient psychiatric care for individuals who need a structured environment with 24-hour supervision. Eligible TRICARE family members must be younger than 21, have a primary mental health diagnosis other than substance use disorder and be unable to function in an outpatient environment.

Applied Behavior Analysis

You can receive applied behavior analysis (ABA) from a TRICARE therapist if you or another plan member has autism spectrum disorder. ABA is a type of interpersonal therapy session designed to help people interact with others in various environments.

Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy

If you or a loved one struggles to function after a traumatic brain injury, TRICARE covers cognitive rehabilitation therapy (CRT). These services may include speech-language pathology, occupational therapy and/or physical therapy given by a TRICARE-authorized provider.

Family Therapy

TRICARE plans include various types of psychoanalysis, including family therapy. During these group therapy sessions, a licensed therapist works with you and your family members either in person or in an online therapy session. You’ll learn new ways to communicate with one another and resolve conflicts that impact the function of the family unit.

Psychological Testing

You can visit a mental health provider for psychological testing and assessment under your TRICARE health insurance. These assessments allow your provider to reach a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan for mental health and substance use disorder concerns. TRICARE covers psychological testing with the exception of career placement tests.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

TRICARE includes opioid treatment programs that use medication-assisted treatment under its covered services. You must go to an authorized specialty or primary care provider who has approval from the Drug Enforcement Agency as a suboxone prescriber.

Mental Health Therapeutic Services

TRICARE may cover mental health programs outside these categories as long as these ancillary therapy modalities support emotional well-being and long-term recovery. To take advantage of these covered treatments, you must attend sessions through approved intensive outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, a residential treatment center for young adults, a residential treatment center for substance use disorder or another type of inpatient facility. Examples of ancillary therapies include art, music, dance and occupational therapy.

TRICARE also offers many other healthcare services. A full explanation of what’s covered and how to find a provider is available on the TRICARE website.

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