8 Reasons You Should Travel to Florida for Drug Rehab

Looking for a new life? Try Florida drug rehab.

If you’re considering addiction rehab, you may be looking into programs offered at local drug rehabs. But is it beneficial to stay local when you’re around the same places and people who remind you of using? Will you be able to gain strength in your recovery program while faced with the same triggers and issues you battle daily? For most people, the answer is no. Here are eight reasons you should consider traveling for rehab instead of staying local.

Why You Should Travel to Florida for Alcohol and Drug Rehab

While searching for the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment program, consider the following benefits of traveling for rehab.

1. More Options for Specialized Treatment

Substance abuse treatment programs aren’t all alike. Some offer one or two services, such as detox only, designed to help you safely eliminate drugs or alcohol from your body, but no follow-up care. Others offer only outpatient therapy, which may not be enough to meet your needs. Traveling to our Boynton Beach rehab means you have access to well-rounded, specialized treatment in a serene setting.

2. A Fresh Perspective

It can be difficult to implement positive changes in your life when you’re stuck in the same environment. Choosing to go to drug and alcohol rehab in Florida instead of a local rehab means you’re able to gain a fresh start and a new perspective on life. You can create reachable goals and attain recovery milestones without the environmental influences of your home city getting in the way.

3. Higher Chances of Completing the Program

When you stay in your hometown for alcohol or drug addiction treatment, you have a variety of “outs” to take should you run into a rough patch. You’re near friends and family who may take you in, and your same haunts are just a few streets away if you decide you’re not ready for rehab. At an out-of-state facility, you’re truly immersed in the recovery process and more invested in its completion.

4. Avoid Triggers

Whether it’s a relationship that drives the desire to use or life stressors, traveling for rehab allows you to avoid common triggers and achieve sobriety. During your treatment program, you’ll learn how to create and maintain a personal lifestyle that’s healthy and substance-free. Instead of leaving treatment early, you can safely fight the temptation to relapse while under the care and support of your treatment team.

5. Warm Weather

Like most who travel to Florida for any reason, the warm weather is a welcome change when compared to less temperate climates. Even in the dead of winter, you can expect lows in the mid-50s, which means you can leave your winter gear at home.

6. Beaches and Nature

Between scenic beaches and natural surroundings, Florida offers plenty of opportunities to participate in recreational activities while staying grounded in the beauty that surrounds you. 

7. You Can Be More Open and Free

Sometimes toxic relationships or issues with family members can cloud the treatment process and negatively impact your progress. Treating addiction away from home allows you to be open and free while enhancing the therapeutic process.

8. You Can Prioritize Yourself First

Without the distractions of your social group, common hangouts and everyday priorities, you have the freedom to put yourself and your recovery first. While receiving treatment, you’ll play an active role in your recovery. We focus on building new skills and identifying environmental triggers before developing an attainable relapse prevention plan.

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