The Benefits of No Alcohol November

woman thinks about having a sober November

No one is sure where No Alcohol November came from or exactly how it got started. However, many people use November – particularly the first two weeks of November – as an abstinence launch pad for the holidays. The idea is to have an alcohol fast before drinking during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.

While some fail to see the logic in No Alcohol November (since they’re going to party for several weeks afterward), there are several benefits to an alcohol fast. For the person struggling with addiction, a two to four-week fast from alcohol could inspire them to get professional help at a south Florida detox center like Summit Detox. In this regard, a sober November could be more of a life-changing experience than a short pre-binge break.

What Are the Benefits of No Alcohol November?

There are several benefits to participating in sober November. If you have been gaining more weight than you care to admit lately, it could be due to your alcohol consumption. A pint of beer has around 200 calories. A glass of wine can have been 80 and 100 calories. If you are regularly drinking – say, three to four times per week, you could be adding 800 to 1,000 calories to your diet each week. It adds up quickly.

If you lose the alcohol, you may lose a few pounds. Abstinence throughout November could help you get a skinnier waistline and may even help you get started with that exercise program you’ve been putting off. Instead of drinking alcohol, try replacing it with water or vegetable juice. You’ll get better results.

Mental Health

Alcohol is like any other drug. It alters brain function by changing the brain’s relationship with the rest of the central nervous system (CNS). Even a little alcohol can change how your brain works. Too much alcohol can lead to mental health issues, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Impaired cognition
  • Memory loss
  • Irritability
  • Cloudy thinking

Once you stop drinking, you will start to notice an improvement in your brain function. If you need to stop drinking but can’t seem to, November is the perfect time to join an alcohol detox program.

Improved Liver Function

Like the lungs, brain, and heart, the liver is an essential organ in your body. The liver processes blood and breaks down balances, and creates various forms of nutrients. It also metabolizes toxic substances and converts them into non-toxic substances that can be used by the rest of the body. This process happens every time you consume food.

Alcohol inhibits the liver’s ability to process nutrients and convert toxin into usable substances. When consumed in small doses, alcohol is harmless. However, if consumed daily or in large amounts over time, alcohol can damage the liver, hurting the rest of the body. Celebrate No alcohol November by checking into a detox center in Florida. You may save your liver and your life.

Healthier Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Too much alcohol can affect your heart rate and blood pressure. If you drink too much, you can raise your blood pressure to dangerous levels. If you have an alcohol addiction, you increase the risk of hypertension, heart disease, stroke, and heart attacks. This is true regardless of what type of alcohol you drink. Beer, wine, liquor – it’s all the same.

Numerous studies have shown that individuals that stop drinking improve cardiovascular health significantly in as little as one week from their last drink. If you continue to cut out alcohol for more than one month, you can restore your blood pressure and heart rate to normal levels.

Celebrate Sober November at Summit Detox

If you are ready to quit drinking for good but need help, contact Summit Detox. Let us help you celebrate No Alcohol November at our drug and alcohol detox center. Call Summit Detox at (888) 995-5265 or contact us at your earliest convenience to find out more about your treatment options.

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