Signs of Benzo Withdrawal

Man exhibiting the signs of benzo withdrawal

Benzodiazepine drugs are typically prescribed for anxiety disorders. Like many other prescription drugs, benzos can be addictive if not taken correctly. Once you become dependent on benzos, quitting will likely cause withdrawal. Signs of benzo withdrawal include anxiety, irritability, insomnia, sweating, as well as headaches, among many others. Thankfully, Summit Detox can help those dealing with benzo abuse.

Benzo Use and Abuse

Benzo is the short name for a group of drugs that have many different brand names, including Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, and also Librium. Some of these drugs can treat multiple conditions, but most benzos treat severe anxiety. Benzos cause brain activity to slow down, which helps people relax. The two main types of benzos are short-acting and long-acting drugs.

Like many other abused drugs, benzos are often referred to with slang terms, including nerve pills, downers, and also tranks, among other terms. Dependence on benzos typically happens when you take more than prescribed. This can cause a high that requires increasing amounts of the drug to replicate. Signs of benzo withdrawal don’t start until after you become dependent on the drug and then attempt to quit or reduce your dosage.

What Causes Symptoms of Benzo Withdrawal?

Identifying someone with a benzo dependence isn’t always easy. In fact, the person may be highly secretive about their drug use. In general, people with a drug dependence issue often begin to change their habits and lose interest in the rest of their life. Drug-seeking behavior often becomes their top priority.

Signs of benzo abuse can include extreme fatigue, loss of coordination, slow heart rate, pale and cold skin, blurred vision, fainting, tremors as well as much more. The longer a person is dependent on benzos, further behavioral symptoms may appear. These symptoms include depression, mood swings, and thoughts of suicide. Some people may be aware of their problems and attempt to quit on their own.

Signs of benzo withdrawal usually start within 24 hours of stopping use and can extend over a few days to a few months or longer. For example, the length and severity of withdrawal symptoms depends on a few factors, including:

  • Type of benzo being abused
  • Method of abuse
  • Length of use and abuse
  • Any underlying conditions
  • Whether other drugs or alcohol are being abused at the same time
  • Dosage

Short-acting benzos may cause withdrawal symptoms within 10 hours of stopping.

On the other hand, long-acting benzos might not cause symptoms for a few days. Early symptoms include a rebound of anxiety and insomnia. Later symptoms include panic attacks, muscle spasms, vomiting, hallucinations, seizures, and more.

Treatment At Summit Detox

The uncomfortable symptoms of benzo withdrawal can make it very difficult to quit by yourself. Attempting to do so can put you at risk for overdose and relapse. Florida benzo detox center programs, like those offered by Summit Detox, can make this process easier by safely treating symptoms and also keeping you comfortable. We offer the following programs and services:

  • Stringent patient privacy
  • Customizable detox programs
  • 24/7 monitoring and health support
  • Counseling and therapy
  • Available 12-step meetings
  • Nutritious meal plan

Don’t let uncomfortable signs of benzo withdrawal control your life. Call Summit Detox’s detox specialists today at (888) 995-5265 and start on the road to recovery by getting free of benzo dependence.

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