Risks of Alcohol Abuse

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Understanding the Risks of Alcohol Abuse

The risks of alcohol abuse come in many forms, some more unexpected than others. When you drink alcohol in excessive amounts or frequencies, you set your body up for both short and long-term problems. The conditions associated with alcohol abuse can potentially be fatal, so understanding what may happen is essential to maintaining good health. Understanding the risks helps you know when to seek an alcohol detox center in Florida.

Heart Issues

You might not think about heart issues happening due to drinking, but this is one of the most serious complications associated with it. Whether you’re binge drinking or an alcoholic who drinks frequently, you’re at risk.

Cardiomyopathy is one of the many specific heart problems that happen. Your heart muscles get stretched out and are not able to work properly. Given enough time and lack of treatment, you could end up going into heart failure.

Your heartbeat may become irregular as well, as it’s not functioning well. If you get blood clots, you may end up having a stroke, which has a serious impact on your quality of life.

Liver Issues

Another area that gets hit particularly hard due to the risks of alcohol abuse is the liver. When you drink, your body needs a way to filter that out. Your liver is the organ that processes the alcohol, and excessive amounts can compromise it.

Cirrhosis is an example of a liver disease that is commonly associated with drinking. You could end up needing a liver transplant or go into liver failure.

The liver may also become inflamed, which can cause pain, insufficient organ function, and other related medical concerns. You need your liver to rid your body of toxins, and it can’t do that when it’s overwhelmed by alcohol.

Immune System

Your immune system doesn’t escape the risks of alcohol abuse either. You may find yourself getting sick easier with infectious diseases, which puts a strain on you. The illnesses may last much longer than you’re used to, or they could end up with severe complications that put you in the hospital.

Secondary infections may crop up more frequently when you’re struggling with another disease, which puts you at risk of many dangerous situations. Two serious illnesses that are frequent among drinkers are pneumonia and TB.

You don’t have to be an alcoholic to hurt your immune system. Binge drinkers, who drink heavy amounts in a single, infrequent sitting, may have trouble fighting off viruses and bacteria for several days following that session.

Types of Cancer

Alcohol abuse is associated with a wide variety of cancers. Since alcohol is carcinogenic, the more that you drink, the greater the risk you’re taking. The cancers may start in your head, neck, colon, throat, breasts, or liver, but they can spread to other parts of your body if treatment starts too late or is not effective.

Avoid the Risks of Alcohol Abuse at Summit Detox

The risks of alcohol abuse are many, but stopping is hard to do. You may face multiple types of pressure that encourage you to go back to alcohol, from social events to stressful jobs. Professional help may be required to help you begin the healing process in a safe, healthy, and productive way.

The types of alcohol abuse treatments you can pursue include:

  • 24/7 residential care through an inpatient detox center
  • Supportive sober living extended care facilities
  • Alcohol addiction treatment
  • Group and individual therapy sessions

Alcohol abuse starts from many root causes, and treating the symptoms without solving the issue won’t lead to lasting change. These programs use several methods to find out why you’re subjecting yourself to the risks of alcohol abuse, and how they can help you move your life in the direction you want.

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