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If you’re struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, or know someone who is and are wondering does insurance cover detox you’ll be happy to learn that they do. Right now, hundreds of thousands of people in the United States are suffering from the disease of addiction as they continue to participate in substance abuse that will eventually rob them of everything they love and value.

When you weigh the cost of broken families, lost jobs, and persistent poor health, you’ll find the cost of detox and rehab isn’t so high. Drug abuse and substance use disorder are very real, destructive forces that can rob you or your loved one of dignity, hope, and precious time spent with family. Especially if you have insurance coverage, there’s absolutely no reason you should delay getting the help you need to get your life back on track and regain your health.

Summit Detox accepts most major insurance policies including TRICAREAetnaBlue Cross Blue Shield, and Cigna.

Health Insurance Coverage

Thanks to the recent focus on the enormous problem of addiction and poor mental health that’s facing our country, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) ensured that individuals who need treatment and rehabilitation for alcohol or substance abuse are covered. Addiction is a disease and poor mental health is often made worse by substance abuse, creating a downward spiral that can lead to overdose, domestic violence and more.

Drug detox and addiction treatment is vital to an individual’s overall wellness and health, which is why most health insurance policies provide financial assistance for inpatient rehab and other addiction treatment programs. Health insurance companies understand how quickly substance abuse can lead to health problems and destructive situations and encourage policyholders to seek treatment as soon as they recognize a problem. Early intervention is always the best path to recovery.

Inpatient Programs vs. Intensive Outpatient Programs

The type of insurance coverage available for addiction treatment services will vary depending on your provider. Most health insurance plans will cover an in-network, inpatient rehab program, along with medication-assisted treatment and mental health care associated with substance abuse. These types of programs can vary in services provided and length of stay but have been shown to be successful in helping those struggling with substance abuse disorders and poor mental health.

However, since the cost of inpatient detox vs. outpatient detox programs can vary, it’s always best to know your treatment options and to what extent your insurance provider will cover detox and rehab. Detox insurance coverage will vary based on individual insurance providers, so understanding exactly what’s provided will help you make the right choice for drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

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Contact Your Insurance Provider Directly

If you’re in need of alcohol detox or substance abuse treatment, the best first step is to contact your insurance company directly to find out which drug and alcohol detox facilities in your area are in-network. You’ll also want to inquire about any out-of-pocket expenses associated with detox costs that might not be covered by your insurance benefits.

Your insurance plan representative should be able to guide you to the best drug or alcohol addiction treatment center in your area, as well as inform you of exactly what will be covered and what you’ll be expected to pay out of pocket. In most cases, you won’t need to pay out of pocket to receive initial treatment, especially if you plan to stay in an extended detox program for 30 days.

Detox insurance coverage isn’t always the easiest thing to discuss, but it’s necessary to find the help you need. If you’re unable to have a conversation with your insurance company, you can contact one of the counselors at Summit Detox at (888) 995-5265. We’re standing by 24/7 to make sure you find the treatment you need and can even inquire about your insurance benefits for you if that makes it easier for you to ask for help.

What if There’s a Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorder?

Most licensed medical professionals realize that building mental health is a necessary step in the treatment process. Even in an intensive outpatient program, mental health services are a vital part of recovery for anyone seeking addiction treatment. Individual and group therapy guided by mental health professionals is crucial on the pathway to recovery from substance abuse and helps individuals find better-coping mechanisms to deal with the daily stress of life.

These sessions can also help you recognize triggers while learning how those situations continue to have a negative effect on your life. Poor mental health can result from malnutrition, lack of sleep, anxiety, life circumstances and a collection of other factors that can pile up and cause disruption. Sometimes a break is needed to focus on yourself and what your goals were before the addiction took over, and that’s exactly what drug or alcohol rehab can offer.

What Is the Average Time Spent in Rehab?

The average time spent in rehab is 30 days, although some stay longer to make it easier to transition back into normal life. Since mental health services are also an integral part of addiction treatment, much of the time spent in rehab depends on the individual’s well-being and state of mental health.

What’s the Shortest Time You Can Stay in Rehab?

The amount of time an individual needs to begin their journey to recovery varies based on the person. Some might need a medically assisted detox, which typically lasts a week, while others might need a month or more to feel confident enough to return to their normal life sober.

What Are the Advantages of Rehab?

Drug and alcohol addiction is very much like the monster it’s often compared to. It can destroy a person’s self-worth, take away their peace and bring even the strongest person to their knees unless they find help. The advantages of learning how to live a sober life are too many to list, and those who’ve found sobriety after addiction will be quick to tell you it’s a path they don’t regret.

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