Do I Need 24 Hour Care for Addiction?


Unfortunately, less than half of people suffering from a substance abuse disorder ultimately receive treatment. Because addiction is progressive, early treatment is essential to a full recovery. When you develop an addiction, you may wonder, “Do I need 24-hour care?” Residential inpatient programs create a higher level of care that is especially beneficial if you have a severe addiction, a co-occurring condition or multiple attempts at treatment.

If you are struggling with an addiction, you are far from alone. Substance abuse disorders, addiction and alcoholism impact nearly 20 million Americans annually. Addiction can cause medical and mental health problems, impair your judgment, and ruin your relationships. Since addiction is a chronic and progressive mental health disease, your symptoms will continue to worsen until you receive treatment. A detox center in South Florida is where recovery begins.

How Does Addiction Work?

Addiction occurs when you compulsively abuse drugs or alcohol despite wanting to stop. During addiction, dealing with serious negative consequences as a result of your substance use, such as losing a job or damaging your marriage, isn’t enough to make you stop using. Addiction causes significant changes to your brain chemistry, impairs your judgment and increases impulsivity. This can create the perfect storm for engaging in dangerous and illegal behavior that might make you ask yourself, “Do I need 24-hour care?”

Substance abuse disorders start with your first use. Drugs and alcohol are neurotransmitter inhibitors, forcing your brain to release more pleasurable neurotransmitters than it should. This process positively reinforces your substance use, as your brain associates your substance of choice with pleasure and rewards you with neurotransmitters when you use it.

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Once the effects of intoxication end, you are suddenly depleted of neurotransmitters. To make matters worse, you experience intense cravings, especially when you are exposed to reminders of your substance of choice.

Addiction and substance abuse disorders can also cause:

  • Liver, heart, and neurological damage
  • Memory loss and cognition problems
  • Damage to your personal relationships
  • Fatal overdoses
  • Diminished quality of life

Do I Need 24-Hour Care for Addiction?

24-hour care includes both short-term and long-term residential treatment programs. If you need 24-hour nursing, inpatient detox provide nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals to ensure that you remain safe and healthy during treatment.

Residential treatment can also include detox services. Inpatient treatment provides a highly structured and supportive environment, which is especially beneficial if you need 24-hour care. Inpatient treatment can offer a variety of evidence-based and holistic therapies to help you learn how to manage your symptoms and plan for life after treatment.

However, before beginning an inpatient or residential rehab program, enrolling in a Boynton Beach detox center like Summit Detox is vital.

Finding Help Today

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