Do You Need Detox Before Rehab?

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When dealing with a substance use issue, you may wonder if you need detox before rehab. Some people may not be sure what the differences are between drug detox and a rehab program. It’s common to use the terms interchangeably, but there is an important distinction. Knowing whether you need detox before rehab is critical to determining what steps to take next.

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What Are the Differences Between Detox and Rehab?

Detox involves eliminating the toxins from your body after being on drugs. In a detox program, you will be surrounded by medical professionals 24/7 to ensure that you progress through withdrawal safely.

Rehab, on the other hand, is the more extensive treatment process that often begins with detox.  During rehab, you talk with doctors, therapists, and peers in recovery about the root cause of your addiction and how to avoid a relapse, among many other things.

Do You Need Detox Before Rehab?

When you have used a substance for a while, it is natural for the body to experience the symptoms of withdrawal after quitting. Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious circumstance that requires the aid of trained professionals. Not only does the severity of withdrawal symptoms often result in relapse, but attempting to “self-detox” can cause adverse health outcomes and even death. For this reason, it is necessary to go through medically supervised detox before rehab.

During drug detox in South Florida, you will have the benefit of the full range of medical resources necessary when withdrawing. Whether you need a nurse to monitor your vital signs throughout the process or you need a doctor to provide you with medication to ease you through, you will have all that and more with a detox program like the one at Summit Detox.

What Happens Next?

Once you get through detox, it will be critical to seek further help, and a rehab center is an excellent place to start. Drug and alcohol addiction is a significant issue requiring a wide variety of resources. Once you have completed detox, you will benefit from participating in rehab therapy next. This will ensure that you develop strategies for relapse prevention and a strong support network.

Simply put, rehab focuses more on the reasons for drug and alcohol addiction and on developing strategies moving forward, while detox focuses more on getting you off the substance safely. In this sense, the two work together when they are done in the proper order; detox should come before rehab because you won’t be able to focus on the root causes of addiction when you are dealing with the withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal must be addressed on its own and early in the process.

Get Detox Before Rehab at Summit Detox

At Summit Detox in South Florida, we help you make your way through detoxing with certified clinicians by your side. Our detox center provides a high level of personalized care that is designed to meet your unique needs.

The team at Summit Detox is committed to ensuring you are comfortable during your experience. We take care to monitor our clients so that they are as safe and comfortable as possible as they go through withdrawal. Our mission is to help guide you to a place of happiness and healing.

No problem is too big for our facility to manage because we are equipped to work with a wide range of addiction issues. Our treatments resolve many different substance use disorders. Some of our treatment programs include:

Begin the admissions process by contacting an intake counselor. As you take this critical step, you will feel relief, knowing that a whole new life is opening up before you.

Don’t let substance abuse interfere with your goals in life. You can overcome addiction by attending a quality drug detox center. Contact Summit Detox¬†today, and we’ll get you on the right pathway for detox before rehab.

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