In order for addiction therapy to be effective, there’s a lot of things that need to fall into place. It’s not enough to start counseling someone who is still having issues regarding residual cravings. It’s an even worse idea to attempt to treat someone who hasn’t yet gone through withdrawal. After maintaining a long-term addiction to drugs or alcohol, the addiction sufferer needs time to heal. Heal? Yes, their body needs time to heal as to not interfere with the mind that has to focus on therapy. That’s the reason detox and stabilization services are so crucial to the addiction treatment process.

What are Detox and Stabilization Services?

Therapist discussing detox and stabilization servicesIt’s common knowledge that within a few hours of abstinence, drug abusers will encounter withdrawal symptoms. While some withdrawal symptoms are little more than nuisances, there are some that are downright dangerous. That’s especially true for someone who has been abusing prescription painkillers or heroin for months or years.

Detoxification services refer to the process of helping patients detox off their substance(s) of choice. After long periods of substance abuse, the drug user’s body and mind form a dependence on the substance. When the user decides to abstain, it’s not okay with the body and mind. Those entities react by causing withdrawal symptoms. If the drug user wants to stay safe while going through withdrawal, they need detoxification services. That’s what the Summit Detox team does.

Our charter is very simple: we want to keep the patient safe and secure while they detox. As part of the process, our staff members provide detox monitoring. It’s their job to keep an eye on the patient’s progress. If the patient begins experiencing pain or discomfort, someone has to step in and help. Failure to provide detox monitoring exposes some patients to unacceptable levels of danger.

As the other part of detox and stabilization services, stabilizing the patient is also important. Remember, the patient is going to need a clear mind and body before going through therapy. Without stabilization services, getting through therapy and counseling with a strong recovery could be a real challenge.

While detox programs address withdrawal and cravings, stabilization services address the patient’s overall well-being. The detox facility achieves this goal by addressing the patient’s nutrition and physical health through exercise and rest. By the time a patient finishes both detox and stabilization services, they should be able to focus on the task at hand.

Detox Time-frame

Most patients can expect to receive detox and stabilization services for about a week. That’s a full week to eliminate residual cravings and move past withdrawal. There is one caveat. Should the patient be a victim of a severe addiction to opiates or alcohol, a standard detox program won’t suffice. The patient will likely need as much as 2-3 weeks to go through detoxification. In such cases, the detox facility’s medical staff will prescribe tapering substances to let the patient down slowly. No matter what, the patient’s safety is the number one concern. If it takes months to get the patient healthy, then that’s what it’s going to take.

Summit Detox – Helping Addiction Sufferers

While we only participate in a portion of the addiction treatment process, it’s an essential portion. It’s our job to get the patient ready for all the aspects of recovery that follow. With that in mind, we do whatever is necessary to position the patient for success. The fact is we hope to only see patients once. Here’s how we plan to make that a reality from our Boynton Beach Florida luxury detox location:

  • Elite detox services for Floridians
  • Medical and IV detox options
  • By maintaining the patient’s personal privacy
  • Creating custom detox programs to address each patient’s circumstances
  • By promising to help patients avoid pain and discomfort

When in need of detox and stabilization services, you’ll want the best care possible. At Summit Detox, we can offer you that level of care. What we want to do is help you move along the road to recovery. For more information about how we can make that happen, you should contact one of our representatives at [Direct].

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