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5 Benefits of Going to Rehab for the Holidays

Benefits of going to Rehab for the Holidays

Are you or a loved one thinking about going to rehab for the holidays? Despite popular belief, the holidays can end up being the best time of year to receive addiction treatment. There’s no doubt that the holidays can be a tough and stressful time of the year. Every stressor from the holiday rush, work holiday parties, family stress, to reunions with friends can actually increase the chances of abusing drugs and alcohol or worse, lead to a DUI, overdose, or death.

Most suicide victims during the holidays have at least one illicit drug or alcohol in their system at the time of death. What’s more, approximately 25,000 people will be injured and at least 1,200 people will be killed by alcohol-related car accidents between Thanksgiving and New Year’s each year, according to data from a report by Alcohol Monitoring Systems.

While detoxing from drugs and alcohol during the holidays can seem like the worst time ever, it could actually be the best decision that saves your life. Here are 5 benefits of going to rehab for the holidays:

1) Avoid Being Wait-listed.

Due to the higher statistics of drug abuse and alcoholism during the holidays, there is usually a rush to get into treatment as soon as the New Year begins. This creates a long wait list at many drug and alcohol rehabs across the country. If you’re in crisis now, you definitely don’t want to wait till the beginning of New Years to detox from drugs and alcohol. The chances of you using again and overdosing is greater between now and the New Year.

2) Avoid Temptations.

While in treatment, you certainly don’t have to worry about the temptations you might encounter over the holidays. You’ll have the opportunity to avoid all the family stress, the wild parties with drugs and alcohol, and the uncomfortable moments the holiday brings. This time is great to just focus on you and get healthier so that you can bring in the New Year clean and sober.

3) Focus on your Recovery.

Since you’ll be under the care of compassionate staff members, you’ll have the chance to focus on your recovery with little to no distractions. It also helps that many drug and alcohol facilities aren’t filled to the max so you’ll have smaller group sessions and really get to focus on the individualized care from doctors and therapists with smaller caseloads.

4) Time Off from Work and School.

Taking the time off from work and/or school can push your plans back and cause roadblocks down the line. While a 30-day substance abuse treatment program is an adequate time for inpatient treatment, ongoing care is often needed through a partial hospitalization program or outpatient program. Why not take the time you have off during the holidays to begin the recovery process? You’ll have time to detox, receive inpatient treatment, and go back to work or school while in outpatient treatment.

5) Start The New Year Sober.

Going to rehab for the holidays can be challenging. You may miss your friends and family, but it’s helpful to think how much better off you’ll be while clean and sober. Most people that enter a rehab during the holidays find it uneasy at first, yet there are plenty of activities to keep you engaged and focused on your recovery. By the time you leave treatment, you’ll be better prepared to start the New Year sober and healthy and get a jump start on your continuing care.

At Summit Detox, our compassionate staff makes receiving substance abuse treatment during the holidays a better experience than imagined. Our clients get to celebrate the holidays while in treatment and can receive holiday visits from family depending on how far along they are in the treatment process. If you or your loved one is in crisis now, waiting could be the difference between life and death. Our admissions team is here for you and willing to answer any questions you may have. Call us today at (888) 995-5265.

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