The abuse of opioids has become a significant problem in America. In recent months, the US government, with cooperation at the state level, has stated the country is facing an epidemic. The culprits most opioid addiction sufferers are abusing include prescription painkillers, heroin, and the devastating fentanyl. How serious is the problem? People are dying from opioid abuse. For that reason, the Summit opioid detox center has joined the fight against opioid addiction. For our part, we want to help addiction sufferers deal with their withdrawal symptoms.

About Opioid Withdrawal

Girls talking to counselor at an opioid detox centerOnce the body and mind become dependent on a substance, they will protect mightily if the substance is not available. The extent of the body and mind’s protest is what experts call withdrawal. In particular, opioid withdrawal symptoms can be quite troubling, depending on the depth of the user’s addiction. It’s not something someone wants to go through without help from a professional opioid detox center.

To clarify precisely how dangerous opioid withdrawal can be, we thought it prudent to mention a few withdrawal symptoms. The following list is something that should catch your eye:

  • Severe stomach cramps
  • Difficulty with tremors in the extremities
  • Loss of concentration and motor function
  • Bizarre hallucinations and nightmare
  • Psychological issues like depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideology
  • Body convulsions
  • Trouble with blood circulation and respiratory function

This list should make clear why opioid detox programs are so crucial to a safe recovery process.

Detoxing in Our Opioid Detox Center

Our opioid detox center in Florida is proud to join the battle against opioid addiction. For our part, we need to focus on developing South Florida opioid detox center programs that will keep our patients safe. To be clear, a successful detox program is a vital part of the ongoing recovery process.

Given the potential for danger with opioid detoxification, our clinicians prescribe medically monitored South Florida opioid detox center programs. These opioid detox programs focus on one thing, getting the patient safely past their withdrawal symptoms. Of course, it’s preferable they go through withdrawal as naturally as possible. With that as a primary goal, the patient gets to rest, exercise, and good food.

As long as they don’t exhibit troubling withdrawal symptoms, they can proceed naturally. Unfortunately, most opioid addiction patients need assistance. That’s why most opioid detox centers use medical intervention techniques for opioid detoxification.

In our opioid detox center Florida location, our medical treatment staff is continuously monitoring our patients. They are keeping an eye out for any signs of pain or discomfort. In most instances, a doctor will have to eventually step in and prescribe some form of relief medication. Remember, there is a delicate balance for a doctor to consider before prescribing medication to a drug addiction sufferer. However, it’s often a necessary part of the detox monitoring process.

As soon as the patient gets past their withdrawal, they can move on to therapy. While that usually takes place within a week, some opioid addiction detox programs can last upwards of a few weeks.

Our Summit Detox Opioid Detox Center

As a member of the elite south Florida addiction treatment community, we seek to offer the best detox services possible. Prior to offering our services, we offer a Florida luxury detox center facility tour. We want prospective patients to get a sense of what they can expect from treatment. To explain it in words, here are some details about our approach:

  • This is a detox only facility
  • A pain-free detox process is our primary offering
  • We offer the following detox services – medical detox, IV therapy, and IV detoxification
  • Absolute personal privacy
  • We customize all detox programs to meet patient’s needs

We hope you have reached the end of your desire to keep abusing opioids. If so, Summit Detox would like to help you start recovery in our opioid detox center. To be clear, we know what it’s going to take to keep you safe while you deal with your withdrawal. For more information, please call us at [Direct].

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