What to Expect During Detox

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If you are ready to stop drinking or taking drugs, the first step is to enter a detox center in Florida. This can be both an empowering and challenging experience that tests your will power and affects both your mental and physical state. If you don’t know what to expect during detox, then you may want to speak with an addiction treatment specialist to discuss the details.

Detox can be both stressful and painful. It also requires unwavering dedication and hard work for a period of three to fourteen days. The good news is that a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center can help you get through this period of your recovery. Let’s read more below about what to expect during detox.

Withdrawal Symptoms to Expect During Detox

When it comes to what expect during detox, the first thing you should be aware of is the withdrawal symptoms that you may experience. The physical and emotional symptoms of detoxification may include:

  • Mood swings, anxiety, or irritability
  • Feeling extreme fatigue for several days
  • Stomach problems, nausea, or vomiting
  • Flu-like symptoms or high fever
  • Headaches, dizziness, or hallucinations
  • Intense aches or discomfort

In addition, you may experience more severe withdrawal symptoms including high blood pressure, increased heart rate, or seizures. If you are withdrawing from alcohol, you may go through delirium tremens. The type of withdrawal symptoms you experience depend on the circumstances of your addiction or your current medical condition.

Length of Detox

Some withdrawal symptoms come and go within a day or two. Others can last for several weeks. For most people going through detox, the withdrawal symptom timeline typically lasts for a period of three to seven days with peaks at around three to five days.

While cravings are also a withdrawal symptom, they take on a different element because they are both psychological and physical. As such, it takes much longer for cravings to go away. Patients often experience severe cravings long after they complete detox. This is why rehab and therapy are an important next step in the recovery process.

Treatment and Care

Detox centers are not just clinical and cold. Today’s detox centers in Florida offer a warm environment and caring staff that truly cares about your recovery. They provide a wide range of treatment services including:

  • Medical detox program to reduce withdrawal symptoms
  • Licensed and qualified medical staff
  • Emergency medical care for severe side effects and complications
  • Holistic care such as mindfulness or meditation
  • Comfortable facilities and amenities during your stay

The treatment you will receive at a detox center provides a high level of quality care that promotes a successful recovery from your first day to your last. You never have to feel like you are going through detox alone.

Learn More About What to Expect During Detox

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