What is Rehab Counseling?

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The goal of rehab counseling is lifelong recovery from addiction without relapse. As such, therapists work with patients to develop recovery strategies. These strategies may include a combination of evidence-based treatment and holistic therapy. A therapist works directly with the patient in individual and group settings.

Since rehab counseling requires science-based treatment, a counselor must be trained and licensed to practice addiction therapy. Since there are multiple disciplines with addiction treatment, therapists may specialize in certain methods. Treatment centers enlist a wide range of specialists to provide a comprehensive program that addresses both addiction and mental disorders.

Different Types of Rehab Counseling 

What is rehab counseling? It is a combination of treatments designed to meet the emotional, mental, and physical needs of the individual. 

Rehab counseling is a broad term that includes a wide range of therapies. Some of the most common types of therapy include: 

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Trauma therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Dual diagnosis

With all the options available, an addiction treatment center can develop a personalized plan that addresses a patient’s addiction and any mental disorders they may have.

What You Can Expect During Rehab Counseling

What is rehab counseling? Simply put, rehab counseling is talk therapy. 

At its core, rehab counseling is a form of talk therapy. Sessions typically start out with you and your therapist engaging in discussion. You have an opportunity to talk about your thoughts and feelings as you work out your addiction. Your therapist listens to what you talk about and then provides guidance based on their expertise. 

In addition to talk sessions, you may also engage in a variety of activities design to reinforce what you learn from your therapist. Your sessions are 30 to 60 minutes two to three times per week. When you start a session, be prepared to participate. How much you immerse yourself in your therapy will determine how well you succeed in rehab.

Why Rehab Counseling is Vital to Your Success 

What is rehab counseling? It’s not just a part of your recovery. Instead, it is vital to your success.

Without counseling, you may waste your time and money going through detox. There are several benefits, including: 

  • It gives you the motivation to keep going
  • You learn a lot about your addiction
  • Your therapist helps you change your thinking, emotions, and behavior
  • Relapse prevention is much higher 
  • You partner with licensed treatment specialists who have years of training and experience

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