The Importance of Mental Health During Detox

Man explains guide to mental health and substance abuse.

Substance abuse presents a host of challenges. It puts your emotional and physical health at risk and can cause damage to your relationships and finances. It also poses significant issues for society. The first step toward recovery in most instances is participating in substance abuse detox. To succeed in detox, your mental health needs to be as strong as it can be.

Substance abuse is considered a mental health condition because of the impact that drugs and alcohol have on brain chemistry. But it can also make existing mental health issues worse. Only brave participation in drug and alcohol detox and mental health treatment can reverse the problems.

The Importance of Mental Health During Detox

Detox, or detoxification, is a medically supervised process to help you “step down” from your addiction to drugs or alcohol. It’s fundamental to recovery because of what substance abuse does to your brain and, as a result, your mental health.

  • Drugs and alcohol act directly on your brain
  • Over time, your brain starts to depend on them for its ability to function normally
  • Without them, your body goes into what’s called withdrawal

During withdrawal, you might experience uncomfortable physical symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, or pain. You can become dehydrated. You can also experience delusions and other psychiatric difficulties.

During substance abuse detox, doctors will watch over you as you go through withdrawal. Make no mistake, though: your mental health will be under a challenge during detox. Stay the course in treatment as administered by Summit Detox, and you can emerge to a new life.

After Detox

Your work is not done after detox, even if you feel you’ve emerged with your mental health in good shape. After detox, you will work closely with a therapist in both individual and group counseling. The goal of counseling is to help you better understand the dynamics that brought you to substance abuse and to build improved coping skills.

After therapy, you’re still not done. You will be offered a series of resources in the aftercare stage. Many people relapse in their first year following treatment, but aftercare is designed to lower the risk of that happening through ongoing counseling and participation in 12-step programs.

Though substance abuse detox started you on this journey, it’s never truly at an end. Ultimately, your mental health is never truly free of substance abuse.

The Hidden Challenge of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Detox

It’s vital to work on your mental health during your battle against substance abuse. Unfortunately, mental health issues and substance abuse often strike at the same time. In that case, the individual is struggling with what’s called a co-occurring or dual-diagnosis disorder.

Co-occurring disorders are extremely common. People who have either a mental health condition or substance use disorder are at a higher risk of experiencing the other disorder. Researchers are still looking for the reasons why. But if you do end up with a dual diagnosis, your experience in treatment, including substance abuse detox, will be a little different. Co-occurring disorders are treated simultaneously through integrated treatment.

Strong Minds, Strong Bodies at Summit Detox

Substance abuse detox requires you to put your health first. It involves discomfort as you are working to eliminate drugs or alcohol from your system. For your mental health, and to address signs of mental illness, you need to stay the course. Summit Detox will stand beside you in this fight. We offer a 20-bed drug and alcohol detox center that takes you through the first stages of recovery and safely delivers you to the next phases of your treatment. Our experienced staff, many of whom have previously been in recovery, practice the latest techniques in evidence-based care to help you achieve your goals. Our facility provides a safe, secure, and comfortable environment. We’ll guide you to a future filled with hope and promise. While we focus on detox, we are a member of the Transformation Treatment Center family, which offers a full continuum of care. Counselors are standing by. Call Summit Detox today at [Direct] to schedule an initial consultation.

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