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Researchers estimate than more than half of the adult population drink alcohol at least once in 30 days. While consuming alcohol is not bad, consuming a lot of it regularly can put you at risk for developing an alcohol use disorder. However, if you develop an addiction, it is not yet over for you. You can enroll in addiction treatment at a medical facility.

These facilities will help you to reduce your alcohol dependence gradually until you quit it. But before you enroll for treatment, you will need to detox first. A reputable South Florida alcohol detox center, such as Summit Detox, will help you understand what detox is all about and help you enroll you in a safe detoxification program.

What Happens When You Stop Drinking?

When you drink regularly over a long period, your body re-adjusts itself accordingly. The brain’s reward system adapts to associating the consumption of alcohol as a positive reward. Soon enough, the natural chemicals in the brain responsible for the reward system cease performing this function. Chemicals from alcohol use take over.

When you stop drinking, you will start to experience unpleasant changes in your body. The changes can be very unpleasant, especially within 72 hours from your last drink. This happens because the body is flushing toxins from its system. These are the same toxins that the brain relied on for its reward function. After getting rid of these toxins, the body will still need some time to re-adjust to normal functioning.

Benefits of Enrolling in Our South Florida Alcohol Detox Center

You can reap a lot of benefits from detoxing at a medical facility. Medical facilities have the medication and the experts to help you with the detox process. Some of these benefits are:

  • Preservation of the Mental Health: Alcohol detox center helps you to stabilize both psychologically and physically. During the first days of quitting, it can be very stressful. Detox centers have therapies that can help you navigate this period. The therapies will help you avoid the development of other mental health issues such as depression.
  • Safety: If you have a long-term addiction to alcohol, the withdrawals can be very intense during the first days of abstinence. These withdrawals can sometimes be fatal. A detox center has all the medication that will keep you safe during this period.
  • Comfort for Your Loved Ones: Your loved ones might have concerns about your health and well-being if you go cold turkey. When you are at the detox facility, they are sure you are in safe hands. They will be comfortable in knowing that you are getting the best care available.
  • Gaining Coping Skills: Our South Florida Alcohol detox center will equip you with skills that can help you cope and avoid drug use. These skills teach you how to manage temptations so that you maintain your sobriety.

Treatment at Summit Detox

Summit is one of the best South Florida Alcohol detox centers. We have medical detox programs that will ensure you remain toxin-free and ready for treatment.
Our detox programs include:

  • Alcohol detox program: Under this program, medics will evaluate you comprehensively before they enroll you. Afterward, they will help you to stabilize physically and emotionally as you detox.
  • Benzodiazepine detox program: Benzodiazepine can be very effective in treating anxiety or for sedation. But it can become very addictive even if you use it purely for medical reasons. This program will enable you to detox from this drug.
  • Heroin detox program: The heroin detox center will help you to quit heroin use gradually. Doctors will always be there to assist in case of severe withdrawal.
  • Codeine detox program: The program targets people who want to eliminate their dependence on codeine. Medications are available to help you detox successfully.

Enroll at Summit Detox Today

Detoxing should not be a scary process. Some medications and therapies can help alleviate the intensity of withdrawal symptoms. Our South Florida alcohol detox center employs these medications in the detox process. If you or your loved one need alcohol detox services, contact Summit Detox by calling [Direct]. We can help you flush out those toxins from your body safely.

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