Myths About Drug and Alcohol Treatment

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Drug and alcohol addiction often starts small and progresses over time into something beyond the control of those addicted. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, more than 90% of people who need treatment don’t receive it. This is largely due to the myths about drug and alcohol treatment. Yet the number of deaths resulting from drug abuse has gradually risen in recent years.

There is no standard success rate for drug treatment. This is because many people respond to drug and alcohol detox and treatment differently. Some may relapse into drug addiction while others complete the program and live a life of sobriety.

Myths About Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Drug and alcohol addiction is one of the most dangerous vices in the world. This is because almost 88,000 people die annually from drug-related causes. However, many people are still reluctant or don’t believe that treatment will work. This is due to some myths about drug and alcohol treatment such as:

Addiction is as a Result of Poor Choices

This is one of the more prevalent myths. Many people often believe that addiction is a bad habit that can go away when one makes better choices, and moderates the use of drugs and alcohol.

Treatment Doesn’t Work Since People Often Relapse

This is one of the most commons myths about drug and alcohol treatment. Many people indeed relapse, but this doesn’t mean that treatment doesn’t work. The recovery process takes a lot of time and those recovering need continuous care.

They Can Quit When They Want

This is also another popular myth that makes many people avoid treatment. The belief that addiction is something under control is not true. Addiction makes the body physically dependent on the drug. Thus, it becomes impossible to quit on your own.

Those with Addiction Cannot Get Treated

It is often a misconception that people who are addicted can never recover even if they get treatment. This makes many families and even those addicted give up on the prospect of getting better.

Only Hard Drugs Such as Cocaine or Heroin Need Treatment

Although hard drugs are more addictive than others, any drug addict requires treatment. This is because there are many addictive substances out there, which pose a serious health risk to the individual. Understanding the myths about drug and alcohol treatment is the key to achieving life-long recovery from any addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Detox

This is usually the first step in any rehabilitation process. Once the individual stays without the drug for a couple of hours, the process of detox begins. This is usually very hard on them, and many often give up and end up relapsing into drug use. However, getting through the detoxification process is easier if you get professional assistance. This is often found in a medical detox facility such as Summit Detox.

Detox Programs at Summit Detox

Many programs are available at Summit Detox. These programs help treat the patient from the initial detox up to recovery. Some of the programs available include:

  • Opiate and opioid detox program: This program helps treat patients who are addicted to opioids or opiates.
  • Heroin detox program: This program alleviates severe withdrawal symptoms from heroin detox.
  • Alcohol detox program: This is a program for helping alcoholics recover from alcohol addiction.

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