Do I Need Medical Detox for Alcohol?

doctor discussing benefits of medical detox for alcohol withdrawal

Dealing with any type of addiction can be frightening. It is even more difficult if you are trying to do it alone. You may wonder if alcohol is just as difficult to quit as other substances. You may wonder if you need medical detox for alcohol addiction. The fact is that trying to quit any substance cold turkey is risky, and alcohol is no different.

That’s why doctors recommend that if you are going to quit alcohol, going through medical detox is the best route to take. Let’s take a look at alcohol detox and medical detox options below.

What Is Medical Detox?

It’s important to begin by looking at what medical detox for alcohol is. Detox is the process by which your body eliminates a substance; your body eliminates the toxins from your system. “Medical detox” refers to going through this process with medical supervision.

Sometimes you are given medication during medical detox to help with the alcohol detox symptoms, which can be severe. This may be prescription or over-the-counter medication, but whatever the case, a trained medical professional will be on hand to supervise you during alcohol detox.

In addition to receiving medication as needed, you will also have the aid of doctors, nurses, and trained clinicians by your side, ensuring you are as healthy and comfortable as you can be.

Do You Need Medical Detox for Alcohol?

You still may be wondering if you need to have medical detox for alcohol. The fact is that some of the alcohol detox symptoms can be quite serious. You may experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms such as delirium tremens, hallucinations, fever, chills, vomiting, and more. Going through this alone could be life-threatening. Also, it will be more challenging to stay on the right path and getting free from alcohol addiction if you don’t have strong support right from the start.

What Happens at an Alcohol Detox Program?

When you attend our alcohol detox program in South Florida, you will stay in a facility with others who are beginning their recovery journeys, surrounded by healthcare workers and people who care. They will provide you with nourishing meals as you go through the journey of medical detox. If you experience delirium tremens or heart palpitations, they will be there to provide the proper medication and care to keep you safe.

The Benefits of Medical Detox

The benefits of medical detox are many. The main advantage is just knowing that you will not be injured during the process and that you will have less chance of relapse.

It can be scary when your body suddenly starts going through changes that are unexpected and dangerous. Many people experience intense anxiety because they don’t know what is going to happen next. With medical professionals there beside you, you can rest easy knowing that they will make sure nothing goes wrong throughout the ordeal. They will ease the whole alcohol withdrawal process.

You will also have a greater likelihood of staying off alcohol when you go through medical detox, because without it, you may relapse. People are often so uncomfortable as a result of the withdrawal symptoms that they end up using again.

Get the Help You Need at Summit Detox

Enrolling in a medical detox program at Summit Detox in South Florida is an excellent way to move forward if you are struggling with addiction. It ensures you have the medical care necessary as you go through the alcohol withdrawal process and can reduce your chance of relapse significantly.

At Summit, we also offer a broad range of other substance abuse programs, including:

You can start your journey of recovery today by contacting an admissions counselor. Don’t let alcohol control your life any longer. Reach out to a quality rehab center in South Florida today. Contact Summit Detox about our alcohol detox programs at [Direct], and we’ll get you started on the road to recovery.

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