8 Long-Term Effects of Alcohol

woman crouched in bed suffering the Long-Term Effects of Alcohol

Do you binge drink regularly? If so, it can have a lasting impact on your health. The long-term effects of alcohol can impact virtually every area of your life, including your health, relationships, career, finances, and emotional or mental state. If you have a problem with alcohol, now is the time to get help at a South Florida detox center.

Regardless of whether you are a social drinker or have alcohol use disorder (AUD), there are consequences to drinking alcohol. Let’s take a closer look below at the long term effects of alcohol and how they affect your life. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Summit detox.

What Are the Long-Term Effects of Alcohol?

Detox centers in Florida have noted that the effects of drinking excessively for a long period can range from mild symptoms to life-threatening health conditions and mental disorders. Some of the primary long-term effects are discussed below.

1. Diminished Grey and White Matter in the Brain

Heavy drinking can cause changes in metabolism, which, in turn, can lead to reduced grey or white matter in the brain. The reduction of grey matter in the brain can trigger radical changes in personality, impulsive behavior, mood changes, and aggression. People who drink for years may also experience memory loss and language impairment.

2. Liver Damage

The liver helps the body eliminate toxic substances, absorb nutrients, and digest food. Excessive alcohol consumption can cause deterioration in the liver. This can cause a domino effect that leads to problems such as liver disease, jaundice, urinary problems, skin irritation, loss of appetite, fluid retention, bruising, and high cholesterol.

3. Cancer

Drinking alcohol can raise the risk of cancer in numerous areas throughout the body. A chronic drinker may have cancer of the breast, liver, rectum, colon, esophagus, larynx, throat, and mouth. The risk of cancer comes from the presence of acetaldehyde in alcohol that damages DNA and causes abnormal cell growth.

4. High Blood Pressure

Drinking too much alcohol can elevate blood pressure to unhealthy levels. Repeated binge drinking can keep your blood pressure at high levels, increasing your risk of heart attack or stroke. If you drink heavily and you suddenly detox, you may experience high blood pressure for several days. This is a common withdrawal symptom when going through an alcohol detox program.

5. Digestive Problems

The constant presence of alcohol in the digestive system can wear down the lining of the stomach, triggering an increase in acid production. As a result, you may get ulcers. Alcohol can also impair the breakdown and absorption of nutrients, which can lead to numerous health issues due to deficiencies in nutrients.

6. Central Nervous System

The long term effects of alcohol on the central nervous system are widespread. You may suffer from anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, or even trauma-related issues. Drinking too much for too long can lead to unhealthy sleeping and eating patterns and impaired concentration.

7. Bone Calcium Imbalance

Alcohol abuse can lead to poor vitamin D production and an imbalance of calcium in the body – both of which are needed for strong bones. Lack of calcium can increase your risk of osteoporosis. Your bones become weaker and can fracture. You may experience pain and disability over time.

8. Personal Issues

In addition to health and psychological issues, alcoholism can create problems with your finances, career, and relationships. Alcoholics often lose nearly everything in their life and hit rock bottom before they finally stop drinking. The cost can be high if you continue to binge drink for several months or years.

Learn More About the Long-Term Effects of Alcohol at Summit Detox

If you are ready to get help for alcoholism, then contact Summit Detox. Our detox center in South Florida can help you take the first step to recovery. Call Summit Detox at [Direct] to find out more about your treatment options. With the right treatment, you can avoid the long-term effects of alcohol today.

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