Is Alcoholism a Disease?

Man wondering is alcoholism a disease

When it comes to alcohol abuse and addiction, there’s a lot of confusion regarding what it is. Some people think that alcoholism is nothing more than a lifestyle choice made up of poor decisions. Others, however, know that it’s a disease. Because of that, many others question whether alcoholism a disease or something else altogether?

Is Alcoholism a Disease?

For many people, it’s difficult to consider that alcoholism is a disease. After all, it doesn’t have some of the same characteristics as a lot of diseases. Despite this, the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) lists alcoholism as an addiction.

Why is it so crucial that the ASAM lists alcoholism as an addiction? The reason is that it also lists all addictions as chronic diseases. As such, alcoholism is not only a disease but also a chronic disease.

A Chronic Disease That Affects the Brain

Now that people know that alcoholism is a disease, they might want to know what kind of disease it is. Is alcoholism a brain disease? In short, yes. Alcoholism is a brain disease that affects motivation, memory, and reward systems.

The fact that alcoholism is a brain disease means that it causes many dysfunctions in the body. Some of these include emotional, physical, and social dysfunctions. As a disease, it affects nearly every aspect of people’s lives. It can also affect the lives of those around the individual who struggles with addiction.

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence has a complete breakdown of the definition of alcoholism. In this definition, it says that alcoholism is a mental obsession. It’s an obsession that leads to physical compulsions that cause people to drink.

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Is There a Cure for This Disease?

Knowing the answer to, “Is alcoholism a brain disease?” is just half the battle for people who struggle with it. They also want to know if there’s a cure. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for alcoholism. Those who have addiction typically struggle with it their whole lives.

However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t hope. Seeking addiction treatment is a great way to gain control over the disease. Through treatment and willpower, people can learn to retake control of their lives. With that said, staying sober is an ongoing process that requires continuous work.

Of course, addiction treatment alone isn’t enough to overcome alcoholism. People must also undergo professional detox. In fact, most rehab centers don’t treat individuals who haven’t completed detox. Detox programs lay the groundwork for a successful rehab experience.

Let Us Lay a Foundation for Your Recovery

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