How to Start Over After Addiction

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Drug addiction is a challenging issue to deal with for anyone. It’s especially difficult if, after addiction and drug and alcohol detox, you end up relapsing. However, this is more common than you might think, and you shouldn’t give up or lose hope if this occurs. Indeed, for many individuals struggling with addiction, this is a valuable part of the process. You may have asked yourself how to start over after addiction. For example, you may want to know what to do if relapse occurs, or the best way to deal with a relapse.

These are reasonable questions to have if you are trying to start over after addiction in South Florida. Let’s take a look at what to expect when you start your life over after addiction with Summit Detox.

What Happens After Addiction?

If you have recently completed a drug and alcohol detox, then your body no longer contains the toxic substances you were taking. You probably feel physically and emotionally healthy and full of new life now that you’ve completed a detox program.

Still, going back to “regular” life may seem daunting. It can be particularly frightening if you opt not to continue with rehabilitation measures like therapy, for instance, which is a useful way to address why you started using drugs in the first place and to understand how to live successfully away from drugs.

Dangers To Avoid

After addiction, there are some dangers you must avoid. Addiction specialists refer to these dangers, “triggers.” A trigger is anything that prompts you to feel an intense craving for using drugs again. It could be a physical craving or emotional urging. Therefore, the triggering situations can be just about anything.

However, you can learn what your triggers are. Some triggering events are more common than others, such as stress, highly emotional events (a death, divorce, etc.), holidays, and more. Some people may feel triggered just being at a particular location where they used to do drugs before. It’s vital to understand your triggers and have a plan to combat them. At Summit Detox, we make a point of addressing just that.


Many of our patients wonder what to do when relapse occurs. The best way to deal with a relapse is not to beat yourself up. You can acknowledge that you do need help, but berating yourself will only make you feel depressed, which could trigger more use.

Reaching out for detox after relapse can be a vital first step towards recovery. Many people make a few attempts at sobriety before they conquer their substance use issues. In fact, fighting addiction is a continual journey, but it can be a successful one.

You can have a positive mindset moving forward as you detox after relapse in South Florida, knowing you will have the support of many others who’ve walked this same path before you.

Detox After Relapse at Summit Detox

You can look forward to a hope-filled future when you turn to Summit Detox in South Florida. Our certified therapists and addiction specialists understand the delicate nature of the path to genuine recovery, and they will guide you along as you take it one day at a time.

Through evidence-based treatment regimens, you can be successful in your journey of a sober life. It takes dedication and time, but you can accomplish your goals. Our treatments include:

Begin your journey by contacting an admissions counselor at Summit Detox. When you take this step, your life will take a turn in the right direction.

Don’t let a relapse after addiction get you down; reach out for help today. Contact Summit Detox at [Direct], and get the tools you need for lasting recovery.

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