How Does Drug Detox Work?

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Statistics show that more than 23 million people aged 18 and above have had issues with drug usage before. This is a large number and it is vital to seek treatment before the effects worsen. One of the questions you might ask yourself is “how does drug detox work?” The answers will enlighten you on the importance of seeking drug detox programs.

Detoxification refers to allowing the body to get rid of any harmful substances in it. Detox helps to safely manage withdrawal symptoms when one decides to quit alcohol and drugs. Different people have different experiences with drug detox. This depends on the type of drug used and for how long one has used it. It may take longer for you to get through the withdrawal symptoms for various drugs. This depends on the method of abuse, the severity of the addiction, among other factors.

How Does Drug Detox Work?

The detox needs of every individual are different. The process of drug detox helps people get individualized treatment. This process involves three steps, namely, evaluation, stabilization, and preparation for entry to the treatment.

Evaluation involves screening of the incoming patients for mental and physical health issues. Healthcare professionals use blood tests to find out the amount of a drug in the system of the individual. Doctors take a comprehensive review of the psychiatric, medical, and drug histories of the patient. This forms a basis for the patient’s treatment plan.

Stabilization is usually the next step. It involves psychological and medical therapy. Stabilization aims at preventing any form of harm caused to the patient. Doctors prescribe medications in medical detox programs to reduce withdrawal symptoms and prevent complications.

The last step of drug detox is preparing the patient for entry to the addiction treatment program. The doctors take the patients through the process of treatment and what they should expect. Inpatient treatment provides the best opportunities for patients to recover successfully after detox.

Side Effects of Drug Detox

How does drug detox work? The process of drug detox can be dangerous and painful. This explains the importance of medical detox. Drug detox and medical supervision provide a comfortable and safe environment for patients.

Among the most common side effects of withdrawal during drug detox include:

  • Anxiety and nervousness
  • Body discomfort
  • Poor sleep
  • Mood swings
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Nausea

Individuals struggling with a drug addiction should also treat the psychological part of the problem. This is possible through inpatient rehab programs, support groups, and counseling. A drug addiction expert helps you transition into the new treatment program.

Drug Addiction Treatment Programs at Summit Detox

The programs available at the detox facility use supportive and holistic care to help with the effects of withdrawal. This helps in paving the way to a more productive and sober lifestyle. The detox center provides a nurturing and safe environment for our patients. While the detox program provides innovative remedies and a vitamin regiment to ensure you are in the right state of mind during treatment.

Detox programs available at Summit Detox include:

  • Codeine detox program: The health professions at the center use therapies and medication to reduce the withdrawal symptoms.
  • Morphine detox program: The detox center helps patients struggling with morphine addiction set up for outpatient or inpatient treatment programs after detox.
  • Benzodiazepine detox program: The facility carries out a detox program for benzodiazepine addiction by following the guidelines set by the most knowledgeable authorities in the addiction field.
  • Opiate detox program: The medical professionals at the facility come up with a personalized and detailed plan for the patient and their loved one.
  • Heroin detox program: The facility protects the patients as they undergo the detox process. It also provides nutritious food, exercise, and rest for the patients.

Get Personalized Detox Services at Summit Detox

How does drug detox work? You can find this information from the addiction specialists at Summit Detox. Don’t sit and wait for addiction to destroy your life and that of your loved ones. Take a step today and contact us by calling [Direct] to begin your journey to recovery.

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