Drugs that Require Detox

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Detoxing from Depressants and Stimulants

The two main types of chemically addictive substances are depressants and stimulants. While depressants are more likely to cause serious medical side effects during withdrawal, it is important to seek detox treatment if any drug addiction has taken over your livelihood.

Mixing multiple substances can seriously increase your risk of experiencing an overdose and encountering problems during the detox period. If you plan to detox from multiple substances, we highly recommend a medical detox program rather than trying to quit on your own. Many drugs require detox and it is much easier at a detox center than at home.

Detox Options Near West Palm Beach, FL

A person who needs help detoxing from an addictive substance should never feel ashamed or embarrassed; millions of people suffer from the effects of addiction. Although attending a Florida detox program might seem unpleasant, it’s easier than you think at Summit Detox.

There are so many reasons to detox with us. We have the staff, amenities, food, and surroundings to make your detox process as easy as possible. A person who needs to detox from opiates but avoids doing so will likely end up in the emergency room.

If you’ve ever detoxed in the emergency room, you understand the need for good medical detox centers in Florida. The ER’s lack of privacy, institutional environment, and judgemental employees make detoxing even more of a challenge.

Drugs that Require Detox

The most commonly abused substances that require detox after chemical dependence and severe withdrawal include:


Types of alcohol include liquor, wine, beer, and malt liquor.


The most dangerous opiates include:

  • Carfentanil (also used as an elephant tranquilizer) (Wildnil)
  • Fentanyl (Onsolis, fentaNYL, fentanil)
  • Heroin
  • Hydrocodone (Vicodin)
  • Oxycodone (OxyContin and Percocet)
  • Benzodiazepines (Ativan, Xanax, Valium)
  • Morphine

This might seem like an extensive list, but it does not even scratch the surface of depressants available in the United States. Scientists create derivatives (drugs that are extremely similar to the original with a few modifications) in search of a cheaper, safer, more effective form of a substance that already exists.

If you have become addicted to a drug (either legal or illegal), the odds are stacked against you. Drugs and alcohol are readily available for anyone willing to spend the money. Finding a safe, comfortable, discrete medical detox is the first step in starting the detox process.

Developing an addiction to drugs and alcohol interferes with your ability to think logically and make rational decisions. This can be infuriating to friends and family members who aren’t able to understand the destructive nature of this disease.

Being addicted to a dangerous substance causes people to do dangerous things. Engaging in risky behavior (driving drunk or high, being vulnerable to abuse, and risking your life to make money) are common when a person develops a profound dependence on a substance. As your tolerance begins to build, wasting money on drugs seems like a logical, life-saving choice. In the long run, the only people who benefit from drug addiction are the people selling dangerous drugs to the public.

When you are seeking treatment for substance abuse issues and alcohol dependency, it is essential to find an inpatient detox program that can provide the services you need. Every person who experiences addiction withdrawal can benefit from individualized care. Locating an inpatient detox center that offers specialized treatment plans increases the odds of staying sober.

When Is Inpatient Detox Necessary for Me?

An inpatient detox center provides medical supervision during the withdrawal process. Detoxing from certain substances (e.g., alcohol and opioids) can increase the likelihood of severe symptoms like seizures, high blood pressure, chills, and stomach problems during withdrawal. The risks associated with solo detoxing lead many people to consider finding an inpatient program.

People who detox at treatment facilities are also more likely to achieve short term and long-term sobriety because medical detox increases the likelihood of completing treatment.

If you are sick of having your life controlled by drug addiction, Summit Detox is available 24/7 to help you through a safe, comfortable detox process. Contact us by calling [Direct] to get started.

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