Types of Drug Detox Near West Palm Beach, FL

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Whether you’re hoping to find a local treatment or you’re interested in traveling to an inpatient detox facility that can meet your needs, knowledge is key. If you’re searching for a facility for drug detox near West Palm Beach, FL, find out what kind of options you have available to you.

Different Types of Drug Detox Near West Palm Beach, FL

If you’re looking for drug detox near West Palm Beach, FL, or other parts of southern Florida, be aware that not every facility may be equipped to handle the needs of your particular addiction. Because you will experience different withdrawal symptoms depending on the addictive substance you use, the detoxification process should be customized to your individual needs. However, these various treatments can often be broken down into common categories, such as:

  • Opioids and opiates
  • Alcohol
  • Benzodiazepines and barbiturates
  • Stimulants like methamphetamine

The category of the drug will determine the withdrawal symptoms you are likely to experience. However, the exact symptoms will vary from person to person. Some people may be addicted to multiple categories of substances. In that case, look for a facility that offers individualized treatment plans for every patient who walks through the door.


Because it is so readily available, alcohol is one of the more common addictions facilities will treat. That doesn’t make the detoxification process any easier, especially for heavy drinkers whose bodies have become reliant on alcohol. Many of those suffering from alcoholism will also have another co-occurring addiction to one or more drugs.

Opioids and Opiates

Opioids and opiates are derived from opium. This class of drugs is highly addictive. For some individuals, their addiction starts with medication prescribed by their doctors. Others may become addicted using recreational street drugs. Regardless of the source of the addiction, the symptoms on the body are the same.

Opioid withdrawal usually includes symptoms of nausea, vomiting, stomach cramping, anxiety, and aching muscles. Patients will also experience heightened cravings for additional opioids while their bodies are undergoing withdrawal. Having the support of trained professionals at your side during this stressful situation can mean the difference between success and relapse.

Benzodiazepines and Barbiturates

Benzodiazepines and barbiturates are varieties of prescription medications that, when used in moderation, can help achieve anxiety relief. Unfortunately, these drugs are highly addictive, and they can cause serious withdrawal side effects. Common symptoms include tremors, panic, headaches, delirium, and even seizures.

Because of the severity of the withdrawal side effects, attempting to quit “cold turkey” on your own can be highly dangerous. For this reason, doctors will gradually wean you off the drugs under careful supervision.

Summit Detox is the Region’s Most Trusted Inpatient Facility

Summit Detox offers all the above treatment programs and more. Doctors monitor your vitals and other symptoms throughout the entire withdrawal process to ensure you’re healthy, safe, and comfortable. But we know also know that there’s more to addiction to addiction that that, which is why we also offer various holistic treatments, such as counseling, exercise, and healthy food.

We don’t take our reputation as one of Southern Florida’s best detox facilities lightly. Everything we do is devoted to patient care, so you can eventually walk out of our facility sober and ready to resume your life. As external proof of our commitment to excellence, we hold accreditation from the Joint Commission and licenses from the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Take Control of Your Life and Beat Your Addiction

You can rely on Summit Detox for drug detox near West Palm Beach, FL. Our trained medical experts and staff use a mixture of proven holistic and medical treatments to support you in your road to recovery. Take control of your life and contact us by calling [Direct] to get started today.

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