Does My Loved One Need a Detox Center?

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Does my loved one need a detox center? Once a member of your family decides they want to stop drinking, their first step is to enter a period of detox. During detox, the body begins the healing process while your system cleans out the toxins of the substance. While detoxing is essential to recovery, it can also be dangerous and life-threatening at times.

For this reason, you may want to help your loved one enter a drug and alcohol detox center in South Florida. A detox center provides a safe environment with resources for immediate medical attention, medication-assisted treatment, and a full staff that can monitor the patient’s progress. Let’s read below to find out more about detox centers for drug or alcohol addiction.

Can Your Loved One Detox on Their Own?

Home detox may be tempting, but detoxing alone carries more risks without medical assistance. So, does my loved one need a detox center? A detox center provides a better option than trying to detox alone.

It is possible for your loved one to detox on their own. You may even be able to provide encouragement, as you monitor their progress. However, detox can be dangerous. There are several withdrawal symptoms that the person may experience such as:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Increased blood pressure and heart rate
  • Hallucinations or delusions
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Shaking or chills

If the person has a severe addiction that has lasted for several years they risk having a heart attack or a stroke. For this reason, taking your loved one to a drug and alcohol detox center in Florida is a safer and more effective option.

Can a Detox Center Guarantee Recovery?

While a detox center cannot guarantee recovery, it does provide increased chances of getting past the first step of withdrawal. With this in mind, does my loved one need a detox center?

Detox alone cannot guarantee a successful long-term recovery. However, it is a powerful first step that can prepare the patient for inpatient or outpatient rehab. The average length of time that it takes to get through detox is seven to ten days. The worst symptoms occur by day three and start tapering off by day seven.

The more addiction treatment your loved one receives, the better prepared they are to face relapse triggers.  Make a plan with your loved one and detox specialists for treatment programs after detox.

With the help of professionals, a patient is more likely to maintain their motivation to stop using drugs or alcohol. In addition, a treatment center offers comfortable facilities and holistic therapy to help the patient cope with withdrawal symptoms. You are more likely to see the results you want by taking your loved one to a detox center.

Does My Loved One Need a Detox Center? Learn More At Summit Detox

Does my loved one need a detox center? If you feel that your loved one should go through detox, then you can start supporting them by calling [Direct] for a licensed detox center in Florida.

The best way to get started with recovery is to contact a detox center in your area. Summit Detox offers comprehensive detox for all types of addictions. To find out more about treatment options, contact Summit Detox. Our detox specialists can help your loved one get clean and prepare them for lifelong recovery.

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