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There are two primary components of the addiction treatment process. It’s fair to say that both components are equally important. First, the addiction treatment process usually starts with addiction detox services. After the patient completes detox, they can then move on to the second component. The second component is therapy and counseling. While many people may argue that detox is but a small portion of treatment, the facts say otherwise. In the sections below, we will discuss detox services and how they affect the addiction treatment process.

About Addiction Detox Services

Group of people going through addiction detox servicesWhen an addiction sufferer decides to stop using drugs, they usually do so in anticipation of getting help. In the initial stages of abstinence, the addiction sufferer will likely encounter withdrawal. Of course, the withdrawal process is not something anyone should take lightly. In fact, it’s the body’s way of saying it is angry about not getting the substance it’s grown to need. Without a doubt, the body’s revolt can be dangerous.

Remember, the withdrawal symptoms an addiction suffer might encounter depends mostly on the type of substance they have been abusing. It will also depend on the depth of the addiction itself. As part of what we offer as far as addiction detox programs, we have something for everyone. It’s easy for us to assure this because we focus on customizing the detox services we have in place.

Our addiction detox services begin when the patient walks in the door. After a thorough interview process, our admission specialist will then assign the patient to one of our detox center programs. At that point, the process is left to the patient and our medical staff.

The goal of all addiction detox programs is the same: help the patient stay safe and secure while they go through withdrawal. By the way, that’s not an easy thing to do. The patient could face issues with pain, discomfort, and sleeping. With that in mind, our facility physicians will be standing by to offer relief medications. They prescribe said medications to help patients clear the worst withdrawal issues with a minimum of stress. After completing addiction detox services, the patient moves on to therapy.

How Detox Affects the Treatment Process

As a patient leaves our Florida drug and alcohol detox programs, they should be ready to deal with therapy. If not, there’s a good chance therapy, and counseling will be ineffective. There is a direct correlation between what happens in detox center programs and how treatment proceeds.

Imagine for a moment that a patient hasn’t yet cleared their withdrawal symptoms and residual cravings. Is it reasonable they will be able to properly focus on therapy and counseling? The answer is no. Make no mistake about it; therapy is only going to be effective if the patient is able to focus and be honest. Anything less than that and the groundwork for chronic relapses is what the patient’s counselor is creating. It’s for this very reason we stated above that both components of treatment are equally important.

What We Do at Summit Detox

We proudly serve our patients as part of the South Florida addiction treatment community. It’s no small thing that we understand our roll in the addiction treatment process. With this in mind, we work hard to maintain our standing as a top detox facility. Here’s some information about our facility:

  • We prefer to serve residents in Florida
  • Our services include medical detox and IV detox options
  • Detox only facility
  • We treat addictions to all kinds of drugs and alcohol
  • We value patient privacy

If you are ready to fight your addiction, you are going to need help. In that fight, Summit Detox will gladly provide you with our best addiction detox services. We’ll make it our responsibility to get you ready for the rigors of therapy. You can call us at [Direct] for more information about how we can help you.

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